For a good time, call…

My personality has always bordered on obsessive. Actually, maybe a kinder way of describing myself is “thorough”. I blame it on my dad, really. When I used to do a half-assed job on cleaning the dishes, he’d always say, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

Of course, as a ten year old, I didn’t think the dishes were a job worth doing. But I digress.

When I find authors whose work I love, I have a problem reading only one of their novels. I want to read everything they’ve written. I want to figure out why their books are so appealing, and I want to spend more time in their world.

Lately I’ve been yearning for gut-wrenching books featuring characters with deep emotional scars. That’s why I’ve been glomming on erotic romance by Cara McKenna, and her slightly (but not much) sweeter alter-ego Meg Maguire.

Cara’s tales of people who have given up on love, who think they are unworthy, get to me every time. She goes places other novelists fear to tread. Seriously, her novel After Hours is partly set in a psychiatric ward.

They’re not the cheeriest of books, but payoff is incredible. Once I’ve finished a Cara McKenna novel, it always takes me days, maybe weeks, to shake off the hangover.

If your good time includes seriously seductive stories of redemption, call on Cara. She’s your gal.

Which author do you call on for a good time?


For a good time, call… — 3 Comments

  1. I just read the front page of Cara McKenna’s website and I see what you mean. Holy smokes, she writes hot stuff with very gritty characters. I’m definitely going to have to check her out. I like the sound of “After Hours”, even though it kind of scares me. Lately I’ve been obsessing over Lisa Kleypas’ Travis family series. I started with the third book in the series and then I went back for the first two. The fourth book comes out in January, and I can hardly wait. I’m currently reading ‘Blue-Eyed Devil’ which deals with some heavy issues, like wife abuse. Some of those grittier issues are tough to read. But life isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. The harder the hero/heroine’s life has been, the sweeter it is when they fall in love.

  2. Cruising around this morning and realized I didn’t answer the question–Kristan Higgins is my author for a good time. I get to use the Kleenex AND I get to laugh until my bladder becomes an issue. The perfect read!

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