Fiction & Costumes: Why I love Make-Believe.

It could be my crazy parents. One of my earliest Halloween memories is my father borrowing a dress and shoes from his mother and dolling up as a female.

Lipstick. Stockings. A hat with a tasteful veil. My dad made a kick-ass woman.

He then drove my sisters and me all around town in our costumes. Just for fun. In a 1964 International Scout with no top. Maybe it was a good thing I was too young to realize how weird we were. My mother, too, had a creative mind and always had a great costume idea up her sleeve.

There is a post-it note beside me on my desk with three Halloween costume ideas jotted down. I’m currently torn between Amelia Earhart, an Evil Queen (ala Disney movie) or Hester Prynne from the Scarlet Letter. I tried imagining what all three of those women have in common…no luck. I just think they’d be fun costumes to make and wear. I like fun.

Does this explain why I love a little farce in my writing?

Her Lucky Catch by Amie Denman

Her Lucky Catch by Amie Denman

In my Carina novel Her Lucky Catch, my heroine Jazz has a beloved cross-dressing cousin. An FBI agent dresses as  a dog advertising the neutering services of the local humane society. And Jazz dons an investigative persona as she tracks down the bad guys.

In the sequel Her Lucky Prize, the opening scene is a costume party gone bad–complete with risque costumes, a knight in clanking armor, and a fire that puts out the whole party. My current work in progress is just about to explode in a Grand Opening/Halloween costume bash at a bar on the Gulf Coast of Florida. What could go wrong?

Lucky for me, when it comes to Halloween costumes, I have a secret weapon. I own three sewing machines and enough fabric and patterns to start my own Jo-Ann Fabrics. Sharpen up the scissors and roll out the thread. It’s costume party season!


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  1. I’m not a dress-up-at-Halloween kind of person myself, but I love seeing other people dress up and get into the spirit. I used to love sewing costumes for my kids when they were young. Even my dog gets a costume at Halloween!

    I vote for the Amelia Earhart costume. I’m pretty sure you’ll be the only person dressed like her!

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