Excerpt Monday: Sexcapades by Christine d’Abo

Sexcapades finalIt’s release day and I’m thrilled that Petra and Darcy’s story is now out for public consumption. *does a snoopy dance*

To celebrate, I wanted to share an excerpt with you. I hope you enjoy.


Petra Clark’s blog Sexcapades inspires women to embrace sexuality. What readers don’t know is that her advice isn’t based on personal experience. Despite erotic fantasies about the hot guy at her local coffee shop, social anxiety keeps Petra from connecting with real men in the real world. She’s more comfortable as PC, sparring online with her nemesis, the cocky D. Williams.

Counselor by day, blogger by night, Darcy Williams gets a thrill countering PC’s female-friendly advice with a macho slant. And when both blogs are nominated for an award, he’s intrigued by the chance to finally meet the woman who’s been driving him wild with her Sexcapades.

When Petra runs into her coffee-shop crush at the awards party, sparks fly–and so do their clothes. Only after multiple orgasms does she realize who Darcy really is: the competition. Now they’re facing accusations of fraud, with stalking and blackmail thrown in. But perhaps most frightening of all are the feelings growing between them…

Sexcapades is available from Carina Press, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Audible.


Another snort from close by had Petra’s head snapping around. “Who the hell is doing that?”

Not really expecting an answer, she was shocked when her mystery man folded his paper and set it down.

“I am.”

She swallowed hard, hoping she wasn’t drooling. While she’d watched him off and on over the past year, she’d never full-out stared at him before. His eyes were a crystal blue, so light they looked like colored contacts. They looked as if they could dissect a person with only a casual passing glance. His brown hair was cut neatly, making him look like the business man he probably was.

Wait a minute.

She glared at him. “It’s rude to listen in on other people’s conversations.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “I’m sitting twelve inches away and you weren’t making any effort to keep your voice down.”

“I was too. Besides, I should be able to have a conversation with my friend without being interrupted by a…a…” He smirked at her, but didn’t interrupt her fumbling. Shit, why could she never make a good comeback when she needed one?

Black sunglasses were perched on top of his head, shooting back a distorted image of herself in the lenses. Her curly hair had partially escaped her ponytail and had formed a frizzy halo around her head, giving her an air of mad-scientist. Great.

“I was simply sitting here enjoying my paper. Though I have to admit I find it fascinating that a woman who can discuss dildos in a public place would be shy about buying one.”

Petra blinked away the mental image of him pressing her against the wall to grind his groin against her. “Pardon? Lots of people get embarrassed buying things like that.”

He crossed his arms and leaned back against his seat. “Things?” Great, was he laughing at her now? “Can’t you say the word anymore?”

“Of course I can.” That presumptuous jerk! “But maybe I don’t think it’s appropriate anymore.”

“Do you have confidence issues around sexual matters? I don’t want you to think I’m picking on you. It’s pretty common with both men and women.”

“I don’t have self-confidence issues.”

Alice began to cough, her face red as she waved Petra’s concern away. “Coffee. Windpipe.”

“I think your friend is too polite to agree with me.”

She glared at Alice. “Traitor.”

“Sorry, Pet. But you have to admit, he has a point.”

Okay, so Petra totally had self-confidence issues. She didn’t get out much anymore, to the point that Alice began dropping hints she might be slightly agoraphobic. And yes, she didn’t like engaging in conversations with strangers, which had put more than a little damper on her love life.

But still!

Her mystery man currently regarded her with an expression that would have been at home on a scientist, as if he was conducting some sort of mental analysis on her. “I’d be curious to hear what you consider dirty talk.” He leaned forward so that the muscles of his bare forearms rippled as he braced his elbows on his knees. “People’s fantasies actually tell us quite a bit about the person—if they are a risk taker, their sexual preferences. Key elements of their personality.”

Why does he have to be so bloody good looking? It took effort for Petra to tear her gaze away from the sun-kissed skin and back to those piercing blue eyes.

“I don’t think it’s the type of language appropriate for a family establishment.” Fate backed her point up with the arrival of a woman and her toddler.

“Yet you have no problem discussing dildos.” He chuckled, then picked up his paper once more, unfolding it with precise motions. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t push. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I’ll let you get back to your coffee.”

Looking back on this moment, Petra wouldn’t be able to pinpoint exactly what prompted her to do what she did. Maybe it was the way he dismissed her with a flick of the paper. Or even the fact he didn’t seem to think she could spout the nasty on demand. Either way, as she got to her feet, completely ignoring Alice’s soft gasp, Petra knew that for once in her life she wasn’t going to back away from a challenge.

D. Williams would be proud.

Spice and male musk invaded her senses as she closed the distance between them. He looked up from his paper, mouth open, his full lips wet from where he’d licked away his coffee. A tingle shot straight through to her pussy as his crystal blue eyes met her gaze. Petra clenched her thighs together, surprised by the force of her unexpected arousal. “You don’t think I can do it?”

His eyes widened as his grip on the paper tightened. “I didn’t mean to—”

They both sucked in a breath at the same time. It would take nothing to lean in and brush her lips against his. Licking her lips, Petra met his gaze once more. Completely ignoring the sane part of her brain screaming that this was a terrible idea, she said, “I have a more than healthy imagination, and my fantasies would make you blush.”

Taking a deep breath, Petra kept her gaze steady and brought to mind the image she’d created of her perfect man. She would entwine her legs around his and grind her pussy down against his hard cock. When she knew he wouldn’t last much longer, Petra would lean in and suck on his earlobe.

This was it. She could do this.

“I would lean in and keep my voice soft.” Petra knew she was blushing, but honestly, it was his fault for pushing her to this. “I would then say…I want you to take your penis and shove it into my vagina hard. Squeeze my breasts until I’m begging for more.”

The moment the words left her mouth, Petra felt a change in the atmosphere between them. As quickly as the unrepressed lust appeared, the bubble burst. His lips, open and lush a moment ago, were now quirked into a smirk.

Smiling was bad.

“Thank you for that,” he said. Petra stepped back as he slid from his seat. “As I said, a person’s fantasies can say a lot about who they are.”

Before his words had completely registered, he ­pulled back and stepped away from her chair. With a wink to Alice, he snatched up his coffee and paper. “Have a nice day, ladies.”

Petra didn’t even hear the electric chime of the door heralding his departure.



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