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My latest release is my first scifi romance, The Seeker! Release date is…TOMORROW!

Please allow me to share an excerpt with you! 3D


Chance trotted beside her to the cabin and went right on through the door as if he’d always lived there.

Aiodhan patted the dog as he passed. “Name?”

“My dog?”

The caveman rolled his eyes. “I am Aiodhan. You are Kara. Who else to name?” His grin hit her like a punch to the gut. hance

Damned dimples. She’d always been a sucker for dimples.

“Chance. I call him Chance.” She forced herself to glance at the door he’d thrown to the side. “Guess I can fix it to keep the snow out.”

His gaze moved around the landscape before returning to her face. “No snow.”

“There will be. Soon. We’re high enough in the mountains, it’ll probably snow in only a few more weeks. Nights are already mighty chilly. Chance will get a thicker coat, but I’ll freeze my skinny ass off. Maybe there are some blankets. Or thicker socks. Or…something I can use to stay warm.”

She sounded like an idiot, having a conversation with someone from another planet who barely spoke Pidgin English. She’d been alone for so long, she wanted to talk to him, even if he didn’t catch most of her meaning. Just being around him made her drop all her guards, and to feel relaxed seemed so foreign.

“Sorry,” she said. “I’m a chatterbox today.”

“Chatterbox?” aiodan

“Can’t stop talking. Dad used to say I had diarrhea of the mouth sometimes.”

The big man took a step back. “Kara sick?”

His confusion must have been contagious, because now she felt it too. “Why would you think I’m sick?”

Aiodhan grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. “Diarrhea?” He stared intently at her ass.

So that word, he knew. “I was just kidding.”

“You joke much.” He frowned before stalking into the house, shaking his head.

The place wasn’t a wreck. That came as a surprise. Most of the houses she’d encountered up on the mountain had been trashed by looters. Or by bug-eyes. Who really knew? This place was pristine with the exception of a light layer of dust coating the furniture.

Aiodhan’s heavy footfalls sounded down the hallway.

Kara’s first place to explore was the kitchen.

She knew from experience not to touch the refrigerator. The food inside would have rotted, and the smell would swarm into the house if she opened the door. Instead, she tried the tap. It sputtered for a moment, but then clear water spilled out. The solar panels still ran the pump. Thank God! She opened cabinets until she found a real glass, filled it with water and gulped it down.

Filling the glass again, she set it on the counter, planning on drinking it later, while she braved what she hoped was a pantry. Her hand hovered above the handle for a moment while she tried to rein in her hope. Maybe there was some pasta. Or maybe some canned goods. Or maybe she’d find…nothing.

Teeth tugging on her lower lip, she opened the door.

“Jackpot!” Cans lined one wall. Vegetables. Fruits. Soups. Boxes of everything from noodles to cereal were piled on shelves on the other wall.

She grabbed the Apple Jacks and searched around, holding her breath that she’d find the Holy Grail. “Evaporated milk!”

“Milkajacks?” her echo asked.

She whirled around, frightened that she hadn’t heard Aiodhan creep up behind her. Her heart pounded a furious cadence. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Sneak up on me like that. You scared the life out of me.”

His grin was far too handsome. “Seekers move silent.”

“What’s a Seeker?”

“Aiodhan a Seeker.”

She waited for him to expand on that explanation, but wasn’t surprised when he didn’t. Having a conversation with him was like visiting a foreign country where she didn’t speak the language. “What do Seekers do?”

“Kill Vymalns.”

That was succinct. And it sure sounded like what Earth could have used—four months ago. She shrugged in resignation. “Better late than never.”

He grunted, which probably meant he understood her and had taken her words as a slur. Before she could protest, he grabbed the Apple Jacks.

“Food?” he asked.

“Yeah—and look.” She pointed at the shelves. “There’s plenty more.”

Aiodhan pried open the box of cereal and pulled out the plastic bag. Before she could warn him, he tugged it open. The thing exploded all over him and the pantry. Chance came padding into the small room and immediately went about consuming anything on the floor.

Kara laughed as she brushed the little Os off Aiodhan’s broad shoulders and chest. “You’re a mess.”

She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t angry. He had, after all, wasted a perfectly good box of cereal. But there were plenty more boxes in the pantry, and Chance was enjoying quite a feast. The disgruntled expression on his Aiodhan’s face made her smile, as did the cloak of Apple Jacks he wore. She gave one last brush of cereal off his arm.

She liked touching him. That revelation came as a shock. When had she stopped thinking about him as an alien?


From the moment he’d been lying on top of her and she’d realized how desperately she wanted him. At first she’d lied to herself, thinking she’d simply been lonely for far too long. That was the only reason to even consider Aiodhan.

Then she’d been honest and admitted that the man called to her on so many levels. Not only was he downright gorgeous, but she liked his scent—clean and male. His eyes had seemed distant, but the more time she spent staring into them, the more she understood the color changed with his moods. The angrier he got, the gray darkened until those eyes were almost black. When he seemed happy, as he did now, they lightened to dove gray.

Damn it if she didn’t want him to kiss her. Right now. In the pantry. Standing in the middle of a pile of spilled Apple Jacks.

Yep. That proved it. She was desperately lonely.


The Seeker—coming Sept. 29th!

Throughout the horrifying months since the alien Vymalns conquered Earth, Kara Michaels has managed to elude capture.
Until now.

She is about to lose hope when she is rescued by Seeker Aiodhan Reil, an elite warrior of Tirios sent to Earth by the Praemons, precognizant children who can predict which Vymalns will threaten their homeworld.

Although intimidated by his strength, Kara is drawn to Aiodhan’s air of mystery. Upon discovering that he is also an alien, she fears that his race will pose an additional threat to Earth’s freedom.

Aiodan’s mission doesn’t include falling in love with a human female or liberating her father from an internment camp. He must find a way to keep his vows and still protect Kara, just as she must put aside her hatred of aliens to allow Aiodhan into her heart. Only then can they work together to rescue humankind from cruel enslavement.

The Seeker is available for the pre-order price of only $2.99!

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