Excerpt Monday – Love Letters Volume 5: Exposed

Today’s post comes from my contribution to Love Letters Volume 5: Exposed (Available TODAY from Carina Press). Here’s a glimpse at my latest contribution to the Love Letters series, U Is for Undone.


She stood inside her apartment door, her keys biting into her palm as she stared at the bank of windows. Her blinds were still closed tight. She’d shut him out as effectively as she could when the door closed behind him. Now, the temptation to take a peek was too strong to ignore. Her purse slid from her shoulder. She dropped her keys and bag on the sofa and crossed the room. Running her fingers over the dusty vinyl slats, she gnawed her bottom lip.

A muffled buzzing jerked her back from the edge. The urgent bleating of her cell beaconed. Thankful for the distraction, she whirled and dove for her bag. She swiped her thumb without checking the display and answered with a breathy, “Hello?”

“I know you’re home. I can see the light behind the blinds.”

She pulled the phone from her ear and blinked at the screen in dismay. She was about to ask the stupid question when it occurred to her that she’d been the one to give him her number when she called him the night before. Needing a moment to collect her thoughts, she tried on her most indifferent tone for size. “Who is this?”

His confident chuckle told her it didn’t fit. She steeled her resolve, determined to maintain control of the situation. Unlike the previous night, when everything went to hell and gone the second he stepped foot inside her apartment.

“The man who’s been thinking about you all day.”

Just like that, she realized there wasn’t enough steel in the world to reinforce her defenses. “Alec—”

“Ah, you remember me now,” he mocked. “Open your blinds.”

“I don’t think—”

“Open them up and look what you’ve done to me, Sofia.”

The hoarse command crushed her little rebellion. Moving to the center window, she turned the wand enough to peep through the blinds. She’d just homed in on his apartment when a train rushed past. A tiny mewl of frustration caught at the back of her throat. Alec must have heard it because he loosed that rumbling chuckle again.

“I know, love.”

She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, refusing to be drawn in by the sticky web of commiseration. Fat lot of good it did her. By the time she opened them, the train was gone and all she could see was him. Bare-chested. Jeans unbuttoned. She sucked in a sharp breath and spread the blinds wider, pressing her nose between the musty slats as she gaped at him.

How had she ever thought he was skinny? The man’s chest and arms were covered with one sinuous, knife-etched muscle after another. His stomach was flat but defined, a thin line of dark hair bisecting the ridges and disappearing into the open fly of his jeans. The long, graceful fingers of one hand covered his crotch, the other held the phone. Sofia almost swallowed her tongue.

“Are you—”

He cut off her question with another laugh. “No, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it.” He paused for a beat. Enough to let the implication soak into her consciousness. “Tell me your middle name,” he ordered without segue.

“Anita.” She bit the tip of her tongue, shocked by how easily she gave up the information.

“Your favorite color?”

The obvious play behind his rapid-fire inquiry coaxed a laugh from her at last. Her tongue loosened as her skin heated and blood slowed. “Purple.”

“Do you like pizza?”

“Love it.”

“Me too. I think we have quite a bit in common, don’t you?” Before she could respond, he stepped closer to his windows. “Invite me over.”


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Private passion meets public display in these four hot novellas in Love Letters Volume 5: Exposed.

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S Is for Scandalous by Emily Cale

Taking a job as a nude serving dish at a party is a departure for model Kacey James. But the public event becomes something much more private when one of the guests turns out to be man from her past.

T Is for Tango by Christina Thacher

Adam is shocked when his office’s sexy temp, Sonia, starts changing clothes at her desk when everyone else has left for the night—until she makes it clear he’s her intended audience.

U Is for Undone by Maggie Wells

Dr. Alec McCarthy has noticed hot nurse and neighbor Sofia Morales around the hospital—but she really gets his attention when she does a striptease for him in front of her window.

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