Excerpt Monday – Love Letters Volume 4: Travel to Temptation

Today’s post comes from my contribution to Love Letters Volume 4: Travel to Temptation (Available TODAY from Carina Press). I want to introduce you to my boyfriend, Luca Camillieri. He’s the hunky Maltese hero from my latest contribution to the Love Letters series, M Is for Melting.


“I can’t believe you get to do this any time you want.”

Sam pried heavy eyelids open long enough to sneak another peek at Luca. He sat perched on teak decking, his feet bare and a pair of coffee-colored board shorts hanging low on his hips. The wind ruffled his dark hair, fashioning it into a modified Mohawk as they turned into the wind. They’d barely made it out of the marina before she decided that closed eyes were the best course of action. If there was one thing she’d discovered in the previous two days, it was that Luca Camilleri was mesmerizing.

And that was when he was wearing a shirt.

At the moment, he was shirtless, windblown, and utterly in command of the sleek little sailboat. In other words, irresistible. True to his word, Luca launched her introduction to life on Malta the day after she’d landed on his island unannounced. He seemed to be genuinely happy to have her there, and she was happy to allow him to whisk her away.

His laugh rippled across the water. “Life here is like life anywhere else, my American girl-friend. Sometimes we can become too busy to do the things we enjoy.” He smiled as he shifted his attention from the approaching shoreline to her. “That’s why it’s nice to have you here. I can’t remember the last time I sailed to Gozo just for the pleasure of it.”

She didn’t want to think about life or the loneliness awaiting her at home. She wanted to focus on the crazy bubbles of excitement he stirred each time he savored a word like pleasure. The accompanying gleam in his dark eyes played havoc with her nerves. Sam closed her eyes. Wouldn’t do to let him see every synapse in her brain firing like a machine gun.

The sun beat down on her. The sides of the boat were low enough for her to trail her fingertips over the tops of the waves as she lay basking in the sun. She hadn’t quite worked up the courage to reach out and touch. Yet. Warm water slapped and sloshed against the hull, occasionally splattering her sun-baked skin. Birds circled overhead and the ferry blew its horn in the distance. Hiding behind closed eyelids, she soaked it all in. It would be so easy to grow accustomed to the sounds and sights of Malta. One in particular.

Cracking one eye, she stole another glimpse and tried to distract herself by recalling the inane facts about the island of Gozo she’d mined from the internet. But she knew before she started that it was no use. Luca was just too damn compelling.

He carried a bred-in-the-bone confidence that left her weak-kneed. His open, expressive manner of speaking his mind and heart was so thoroughly un-American it threw her completely off her stride. Luca in action was a sight to behold. Tailored suit pants clinging to slim hips, broad shoulders encased in crisp cotton, and strong wrists exposed by rolled sleeves topped the highlight reel. Even so, his businesslike manner barely masked the unabashed passion that drove him. She’d seen flashes of it when he negotiated with a particularly troublesome sub-contractor. She’d tasted it on his lips moments after he sealed the deal.

The man seemed to be the embodiment of his dazzling country. The sea was in his blood. Any fool could see that from the sure-footed swagger in his walk. He was as relentless and ambitious as life on the frantic, overcrowded island and as solid and down-to-earth as its rocky foundation.


Hope you enjoyed meeting him!


Passion is only a short trip away in Love Letters Volume 4: Travel to Temptation.

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  1. Excuse me while I book a trip to Malta. I have a feeling that M is for Melting will literally have that effect on me. Loved this line in particular: ‘He was as relentless and ambitious as life on the frantic, overcrowded island and as solid and down-to-earth as its rocky foundation.’ Can’t wait to read this! :)

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