Excerpt Monday – Bonds of Denial by Lynda Aicher

Bonds Of Denial_Lynda Aicher

Bonds of Denial, book 5 in my Wicked Play series, release today! Woot! It’s also my first Male/Male book  which has me a bit nervous. But I love these two guys and their story needed to be told. I hope you’ll love them too.


It’s been twenty years since Rockford Fielding’s father punished him for kissing another boy. Now a grown man with a military career behind him, Rock continues to deny his true desires, even while working security at The Den, the most decadent sex club in town. But after a year of watching gorgeous Carter Montgomery come and go on the arms of other men, Rock can no longer resist the cravings he’s denied for so long.

Carter has just four months left on his contract with an escort agency, and he doesn’t know whether to feel relieved or afraid. Being an escort is all he knows. Adding to his confusion is the way his latest client, the sexy but stoic Rock, makes him feel things he hasn’t wanted in years.

One charmingly awkward date turns into two and soon the men are meeting off the clock. But with Rock in the closet and Carter unsure how to pursue a real relationship, how can they build a future both in and out of the bedroom?

89,000 Words

A Short Excerpt

Damn it. He didn’t want to fuck tonight.

But he had to.

Carter Montgomery shifted his car into Park and took a moment to let go of the resentment as he waited for the valet to open his door. Anger was pointless when there was nothing to be done about it. He rolled his head, pulled his shoulders back and exhaled. The stretch eased the tightness that threatened to morph into a major tension headache. He definitely didn’t need that tonight.

A waft of frigid wind gusted into the warm interior with the opening of the car door. “Evening, sir,” the lanky valet said, voice clipped and efficient, cheeks tinged pink from the cold.

Carter gave a warm smile as he stepped out and handed over the keys. He let the last of his frustration slip away with the action. “Thank you.”

He tucked his scarf into his coat, smoothing it down against his suit jacket beneath. The covered area offered protection from the flurry of snowflakes that had been falling since late afternoon, and the heat lamps warded off the icy air that was known to freeze nose hairs in a second. Minneapolis could be brutal in January for those who weren’t used to it. Having lived in the land of ten thousand lakes for the last twelve years, it didn’t bother him. Complaining about the weather was a useless waste of energy, much like being angry over his job.

Read a longer excerpt here.

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