Excerpt: Master of the Opera, Act 6: Crescendo by Jeffe Kennedy

Episode 6: Crescendo, Master of the Opera

Episode 6: Crescendo, Master of the Opera releases 3/20/14!

This week marks the culmination of Master of the Opera!

~dances madly around room full of candles~

Act 6 – Crescendo debuts on Thursday, March 20.

And all y’all who’ve been waiting for the whole thing to be out before you read? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!


In the sixth and final installment of Jeffe Kennedy’s sizzling Master of the Opera, a man and a woman risk everything they’ve ever loved-for the most dangerous passion they’ve ever known. . .

Caught in a web of secrets and lies, Christy Davis has come under the suspicion of the local police. Since becoming an intern at the Sante Fe Opera House, she has witnessed strange occurences in the underground tunnels. She has heard inexplicable whispers in the shadows after midnight. And she has found the lover of her dreams in the masked man who lives down below. But after the discovery of a dead body and other sinister events, Christy realizes that her life is in danger. Two men hold her fate in their hands: Roman, the opera house’s wealthy benefactor who uses his money and power to control her. And the masked maestro known as the Master who demands her surrender and commands her pleasure with each stroke. Both want her; only one can have her. . .

In a rising crescendo of madness, obsession, and lust, Christy must take a chance and follow her heart-to a breathtaking climax as powerful as love itself.

Crescendo Excerpt

The sight of the copper peaks of the opera house rising on the hillside filled her with a happy sense of homecoming. When he saw her, Matt literally jumped up and down.

“She’s back! She’s back!” Then he clutched his hands to his chest. “You’re not going to kill me, are you?”

“Oh stop.”

“Seriously,” he dropped his voice to a stage whisper, which still projected nicely, “things have gotten creepy around here.”

“Like what?” She waved to her companion cops, pulled Matt into her office—Tara’s old office, yuck—and shut the door. A lush red rose on the desk gave her pause, but she pretended it was no big deal. “Spill.”

“Do we have to talk in here? It kind of has a weird vibe.” Matt fiddled with some of the figurines on Tara’s bookshelf. “Kind of morbid that she’s dead and her stuff is still here.”

“That’s not her stuff—it was probably here before she was. I’m sure her parents took all her belongings.”

Matt was shaking his head, his lips pressed together and his eyes huge. “That’s not what I heard. Steve told me that Charlie locked up her office before anyone even knew Tara was gone. In fact—that’s how most of them found out, ʼcuz her office was suddenly closed up. And then, after the, you know, body, the cops sealed it. Steve was going to come in, get her things to send to her folks, but Charlie said it would just upset them.”



Christine studied the room. “So I wonder which things were hers and what was here.”

Matt curled his lip. “I don’t want to know. The whole thing is too creepy. Like the roses.”


He pointed at the one on her desk. “What I was telling you. Turning up in odd places. The talent are getting all superstitious about it. And stuff is moved. Props we had ready for the rehearsal are missing or exchanged for the wrong versions. Can you believe that stupid magic flute has gone missing again? It’s a good thing Carla the Valkyrie isn’t here, because she’d be having a total shit-fit about it.”

“Or is that a handy coincidence that she’s not here?”

“What do you mean?” Matt looked both horrified and reluctantly intrigued.

“I need your help. There’s something I need to find.”

“In the old inventory?” He made dubious noise but grabbed the enormous notebook on the shelf. “You know as well as I do that the BNoD is practically worthless. I take it you already checked the searchable portion?”


“What is it?”

“An Angel’s Hand.”

“What the fuck is an Angel’s Hand?”

“No idea—that’s part of the problem.”

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