Dollar Store or Saks?

One More Summer by Liz FlahertySpeaking of procrastinating…I’m running behind. Sigh. I hope everyone’s having a splendid first month of 2016.

I just noticed in the past few days that my Carina Press books, One More Summer and Jar of Dreams, are 99 cents. I don’t know why, but if it creates sales, I’m good with it. I did mention on Face book that since my Carina Press books and my indie-pubbed novella, Summer in Stringtown Proper, AND the boxed set I have another novella in, A Heartwarming Christmasare ALL 99 cents, I feel a little like a personal Dollar Store.

Which I felt a little weird about. I’d kind of like to have been a Saks Fifth Avenue or even a Macy’s instead of a Dollar Store.

But I’m not. And neither are the people I write about. They shop at Macy’s and at pricey little boutiques, but only off the clearance racks. They use coupons at the grocery store and drive across town to save a nickel per gallon on gas. “Across town” in my books is only three blocks–totally worth it.

I am meandering here. Wondering…

I don’t take advantage of free downloads of books because I think authors should be paid for their work. I don’t take music I haven’t paid for–though it seems to show up on my phone–and I even feel guilty watching YouTube (this is so good–shouldn’t I be paying for it?) and clicking the play arrow on those videos that pop up on Facebook all the time.

Yet I have no problem only paying 99 cents for a book that someone has put her heart and soul and lots and lots of hours into writing. Is this because I’m a Dollar Store person on the hunt for a bargain? Or is it because we–or someone–has decided that’s what our work is worth?

I’m not even sure of my own answers to this wondering. I’m just curious.


Dollar Store or Saks? — 3 Comments

  1. .99 is a good way to try out an author. Kinda like checking out a book at the library. If I like the author, I’ll buy their books and pay full price. (I think that’s what they’re counting on.) If not, well, it’s only .99. I don’t bother downloading freebies anymore. I never finished one.

  2. I’m definitely a Dollar Store kind of person. I wish I could afford a Saks kind of lifestyle! I definitely will try out a free or .99 cent first book in a series, and if I like it, I’ll buy more. I have to be careful with my money, even with something as inexpensive as a book.

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