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Going Under by Jeffe Kennedy

Going Under – out 7/14/14

I wish, anyway!

Okay, so it’s no secret I love Twittter.

I know a lot of people don’t and I get why. It takes a while to become accustomed to the flow of it, to learn to find the conversations you want to be part of, to filter out the volumes of stuff you really don’t want to see.

I often liken it to a giant cocktail party. You walk into this crowd of chattering people, wanting to find your friends and the other fascinating people you just *know* are there somewhere. When you do get into the fun conversations, it’s hugely rewarding. It’s the best part of Twitter, really, that people can wander by, hear what you’re talking about and jump in with their own enthusiasm. Like any cocktail party, people should be able to listen in and join the conversation.

The other day, I was talking with a book blogger and author/reviewer about my upcoming fantasy book, The Tears of the Rose, which was my favorite kind of convo because they were saying nice things about it, when this other gal jumped in and said something along the lines of “ooh, sounds so good – like Nora Roberts’ Tears of the Moon!”

Okay, so she didn’t get it quite spot-on, but this is what happens when you overhear conversations at loud cocktail parties and jump in.

Besides which, I love me some Nora Roberts and it had never occurred to me how similar those titles were (and the books, I think I can safely say, having read both, are not at all similar). So we started talking favorite Nora Roberts contemporary romances.


Nora was really my gateway drug to contemporary romance. Before her I read pretty much historical romances. I thought I didn’t care to read anything about our totally unromantic modern world. Boy was I wrong! She seduced me completely with her late 80s/early 90s stand-alones like Sacred Sins, Genuine Lies, Sweet Revenge and Carnal Innocence – all of which I still have on my bookshelf. In the mid-90s, she started coming out with the trilogies, like the Daring to Dream/Holding the Dream/Finding the Dream and the Born in Fire/Born in Ice/Born in Shame trilogies. I don’t recall reading contemporary romances with connected characters before that.

And wow, I was totally hooked.

So hooked that, when I started writing erotic romances, I found my stride with contemporary ones. I also regularly cite Nora Roberts as both one of my favorite authors still (though these days my favorites are her In Death books written as JD Robb) and also as one of my influences.

You all will understand then, what a huge thrill it was for me to see this tweet about my newest contemporary erotic romance, Going Under:

Right? Who could not love Twitter when it serves up stuff like this??

You all can imagine how over the moon I was about that. I ended up mentioning this to the gal on Twitter and she’s now revved to read this book, after a long and winding Twitter conversation that started with a fantasy novel.

Exactly how a cocktail party should be!

So, refresh your drink and tell me – which Nora book or series is your fave?


Doing It Like Nora Does — 10 Comments

  1. I have to admit I haven’t found those interesting cocktail conversations on Twitter yet. How do you do that? Do you search by hashtags? I don’t even have my followers sorted into any kind of lists. Is that the place to start? I think you should give a class on Twitter, Jeffe!

    Congrats on being compared to Miss Nora. High praise indeed!

    • Thanks Jana! It really did make my, well, entire year! :-)

      I’d be happy to give a class on Twitter! You’re not the first person to ask. Hmmm… I wonder what venue we could use? But yes – the key is to sort who you follow into lists and watch the conversations they get into. Much like, when you get to a party, you go find the people you like and talk to them, then branch out from there.

  2. I need that class, too, and how cool to be in the same paragraph with Nora Roberts! My favorite series of hers–which is hard to choose–is still the Born In… trilogy. Even after all these years, I don’t have a favorite sister.

    • Isn’t that cool?? I love how you put that – “in the same paragraph.” YES! And, oh yes, Born in… I always want to say Maggie is my favorite, but right away I think I love Brianna just as much. And then, oh but I really love Shannon too… LOL!

  3. I love the way you liken Twitter to a cocktail party and the importance of joining the conversation. It rocks that you got such a great compliment on Twitter. To be honest, I haven’t read any of Nora Roberts’ books, but I have read Going Under and it was fabulous. 😉

  4. I’m a very late comer to Nora, but I have to say, I adore the In Death books–which I know aren’t QUITE the same, but… if anyone ever wanted to mention ME in the same paragraph as them, I’d swoon. 😉

    • Maybe not QUITE, but I love love love that series! In fact, though I’ve been reading it all along, I just completed a re-read of all ~40 books, to study how she does it. I TOTALLY swooned!

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