Do romance movies distort our view of real love?

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Today I’m going to be asking the question, ‘Do romance movies distort our view of real love?’ Don’t misunderstand me I am a true romantic at heart, and cry at the end of each soppy love movie, thrilled that once again the lead characters have got their happy ending, but we have to ask ourselves what that happy ending really means.

When the song ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ comes on in the final scene of ‘Dirty Dancing’, there is no mention of picking up dirty socks, or arguments over who’s going to take the trash out. And I don’t remember any debates over Allie’s monthly shoe budget in ‘The Notebook’. Romance movies tend to idolise the hero, and of course the beautiful heroine can do no wrong in the eyes of her beloved. But folks that ain’t real life. Little girls grow up on stories of ‘Cindarella’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ which morph into ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Titanic’ when we become adults, always dreaming of ‘The One’ and the picture-perfect house with the white picket fence. In today’s times we’re living in apartment blocks and trawling Tinder. Current statistics in the United States show that one in two marriages end in divorce. How do we change this depressing statistic? We need to realise that most romance movies are fiction and meant as escapism, not as a reflection of reality. I for one, am guilty of watching a tear jerking love story and turning to look at my husband slobbing on the couch in his track pants, and wondering to myself where my flowers and love letters are? But in reality, my husband getting up on a Sunday morning putting a load of washing in the machine and taking our toddler to the park so that Mom can have a ‘lie-in’, is the real love letter. A wise old woman once told me that romance fades, true love is much deeper than that. No-one is perfect. Your partner is going to get on your nerves sometimes and make you very angry at other times, but he’s also going to comfort you when your Dad is sick, and make you laugh when you’ve had a bad day at work. Cut him some slack, he’s doing the best he can and he loves you. Keep watching romance movies but bear in mind that Ryan Gosling is an ACTOR reading out a very well-written script. Life will throw you curve-balls and you have to learn to roll with the punches TOGETHER.

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Kimberley Gold author photoKimberley Gold was born in Durban, South Africa. After finishing high school Kimberley moved to London, England to embark on a ‘gap year’ which became a gap decade. After travelling extensively around Europe, America and Asia, Kimberley moved to Sydney, Australia in 2011 and began work on her debut novel Dating Games. During her travels Kimberley modelled part-time and worked as a Personal Assistant on stock market trade floors for international investment banks Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Commerzbank. This provided her with insightful in-depth knowledge of the banking world, the intricate nature of office relationships and being able to tell a story or two about fashion runways. Kimberley now lives in Sydney with her husband Kewyn and their son Camden.

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Do romance movies distort our view of real love? — 3 Comments

  1. True love is when your SO cleans up after you when you have a stomach virus on Christmas, who sticks with you during chemo, who prefers you without makeup and thinks jeans and sweatshirts are sexy! I make it a point to add true love to all of my stories because true love is romance. Nice post!

  2. Yeah, I think most of us know, and the truth is most of our true loves are real white knights sometimes. They say or do exactly the right thing at the right time. And so do we!

    Thanks for visiting!

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