Dilys J. Carnie Breaks Rules: Her Own!

DilysAs an author I break my own rules all the time.

Don’t get emotionally involved with the hero. How can I not do this? I always fall in love with my heroes.

I am a great planner that is easy for me, but what usually happens is that after organising the whole manuscript I sit at my desk, fingers poised… the planning goes out the window because the characters take over. Each and every time I write this happens.

So already I have strayed far from the realms of my plan.

Dancing with Temptation 200x300In my books the rules are always being broken. The Fitzgerald Brothers Gabe, Jessie, Corey and Tyler are four men who ultimately live by their own rules and in by doing so are bossy, sometimes a little arrogant and definitely sexy until four women come along and let them know exactly who is in charge.

Book 1, Gabe gives into his desires for a woman he lost because he didn’t want to break the rules. However he has no problems following his heart a second time round. Except when he finds out the heartache his stubbornness caused.

Book 2, Jessie has one rule and he’s always stuck by it. Never indulge in an office romance…that is until a little welsh girl walks into his office and tells him exactly what she thinks of him.

Book 3, Corey has just resigned himself to a existence away from the Navy Seals. Getting his life in order and finding something else to do with his time in a cabin in the middle of a mountain when he meets a woman who is hiding for her own reasons. He doesn’t get involved with women who have troubles…does he?

Book 4, Tyler is a rule follower, as the newly appointed youngest ever captain of Cape Charles fire station he starts to have doubts about what he is doing…To top that he literally bumps into the back of a car with his motor cycle and is mesmerized by the blonde beauty behind the wheel who seems to have a deep dark secret that will shock him.

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