Confessions of a Nervous Writer

JodieGriffin“When’s your next book out?”

This sentence warms my heart.  I love my readers, and I truly appreciate knowing they want to see more from me.

But it also scares the crap outta me. Because the truth is, I have nothing coming out any time soon.  Between 2012 and 2013, I was lucky enough to have five releases out, but right now, I’m still trying to get my next book finished, and I’m nervous about it.

It’s been a weird six months or so.  My day job got super crazy, with me working days and nights.  My health suffered, and something had to give. Unfortunately, that something had to be my writing.

In the bits of free time I’ve had, I’ve been relaxing, hanging out with my family, and reading.  Okay, and hanging out on Twitter. 😉 I judged RITA books and I’ve glommed a few series I’ve been dying to read. It’s all been lovely —refilling the creative well.

In January, I decided I was feeling better and I was itching to write, so I pulled up a story I’d started before getting sick and jumped back in — and then, of course, life handed me another challenge.   It was too hard to focus on that longer story, so I put it away, and instead wrote two short stories, about four thousand words each, and submitted them to Cleis Press for their “Best Bondage Erotica 2014” anthology.   I’ve not heard back yet, but I’ll keep you posted. They’re different, in first person where I usually write in third, but they’re still BDSM.  And, because they’re written by me, the stories both involve a married couple, Mason and Addie.  Gotta know they’re living that happily ever after. 😉

And those two stories were just the thing to get my head back in the game.  I’d actually written a third one, but I decided (and @mharvey816 and @jenniferRNN agreed) that it would make a good start to a new book rather than just a short story.

I’m back in writing mode now.  Slower than before—which was already pretty slow—but I’m working toward a series of novellas that revolve around a particular location (No, not Bondage & Breakfast.)  Definitely erotic romance, mostly BDSM (though one idea is a bit more vanilla  — we’ll see if I can still write that, LOL!)

Here’s a sample from one of the super short stories I submitted to Cleis — I hope you enjoy it!


Mason came through the garage and into our kitchen where I was making dinner.  He shrugged out of his suit coat and loosened his tie, dropping his briefcase onto the table with a soft thud.  I smiled at him.  “Hey, babe. How was your day?” 

He stalked toward me, purpose in his step and lust in his eyes. I backed up one step, then two, and as he crowded me against the granite counter with his undeniable arousal brushing my stomach, I grew wet.


I jerked at the bald word. We couldn’t. “No. Mason, we —”

He grasped my chin.  “Ten with the Delrin for your insolence. Strip, and get on your knees.” He backed up, arms crossed over his chest, an implacable look on his face.

My hands trembled as I removed the dress he’d chosen for me to wear today. I folded it neatly, as he preferred, and I set it on the counter.  I removed my bra, and set it on top.  I wore no panties, because he hadn’t given me a pair when we were dressing this morning.  I reached for my thigh-highs, but he shook his head.

“Leave those on.”

A glimmer of humor laced through me as I sank to my knees at his feet, my eyes lowered.  He had this thing about stockings, but I suppose most men did.  It died, though, at the thought of the Delrin. It was my least favorite of his canes, and Mason knew it.  Still, I had to say something. I’d never deny my Master his will, but our son would be home with his grandfather within the next fifteen minutes.  We didn’t have time for this, as much as we needed it. While we lived the life as much as we could in the small ways, it had been so long since we’d had time to play, full out, without having to keep things quiet. I looked up at him.  “Mason, your Dad—”

“Twenty now.”  His words snapped out like the sting of a whip.  “This ten is for not trusting me to keep you safe at all times, including when we’re at home.”

My heart dropped, and so did my head and my voice. “I’m sorry, Master.”


Anyway,  I hope to be able to answer the question “When’s your next book out?” with a date sometime soon!  Thanks for being patient, and thanks for all the support you’ve given me. The Romance community— readers, writers, bloggers—rocks. Totally and completely ROCKS.


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