Dirty Talk With My Dirty Birdies


  Would you be surprised to discover that non-writers (AKA Normal People) have this general belief that we romance writers actually do all the things we write about? For real. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked … Continue reading

Acid + Alkali

Love in Straight Sets

Full disclosure y’all: I got a B in Honors Chemistry, so my science is probably all wrong. But while I can’t tell you the difference between an ionic and a covalent bond, I do remember that certain chemicals uniquely neutralize others … Continue reading

Ms. Gail’s Chemistry 101


All right, class, settle down. Everyone in their seats? Good. Let me begin this lesson with one remarkably bold statement: Walter White could have been a romance writer. I know, I know. Sounds ridiculous, right? But let’s look at how Walter … Continue reading

The Mother of Invention


Phew, am I down to the wire to get this post published in time for my monthly slot! I’ll be honest – I’m a procrastinator. I’m an unlikely procrastinator, since I’m also super neurotic and prone to deadline-induced anxiety, yet … Continue reading

When Jo Didn’t Pick Laurie (or Why I Write Romance)

Winona Ryder and Christian Bale as Jo March and Laurie.

As we enter a New Year, I am reminded of some of the many reasons I’m compelled to write stories of love, contentious families and protagonists struggling to discover their authentic selves. I was revising a line of my upcoming … Continue reading

Excerpt Monday – Chill Out Releases Today!

Happy Monday! It’s an especially happy Monday for me because my novella CHILL OUT is being released into the wide world today. Yay! Here’s the blurb: Renata Cabral needs to hide for the weekend. Her cousin’s Valentine’s Day wedding means … Continue reading

Cover and Name Reveal for My Winter “Novella”!

Hey, remember when I said I was going to write an easy, lighthearted holiday novella and have it ready for a December release? Yeah. I remember that, too. Good times, good times. The thing is, it didn’t turn out to … Continue reading

Playing by the Rules — a Valentine’s Day romance

Playing by the Rules by Reese Ryan

I missed my post last month when we all shared our holiday romances. Primarily because I was finishing up my first holiday-themed romance. So I’m bending the rules a smidgen and sharing it today. Playing by the Rules is the prequel novel … Continue reading