Eat, Drink and Live Well!

chocolate souffle

Eat, drink and live well! That’s my motto. Really. It’s on the family crest. Or it would be, if I had one. I’m pretty sure I starved to death in a previous life. That’s the only explanation I can come … Continue reading

Location, Location, Location

Tempting Meredith Cover

Location, location, location. It’s the realtor’s mantra, but it works for me as well. From the mundane to the exotic, a change of location and the accompanying change of pace unleash my creativity and open me to new possibilities. Some … Continue reading

Pretty Woman, Cinderella and Romance

Pretty Woman movie poster

Pretty Woman. Yep, that’s the one. When I began thinking about this month’s topic—movie and television characters—I kept coming back to Pretty Woman. As a feminist, I shouldn’t love this movie, but I do. And my favorite part is Vivian’s … Continue reading

Have Courage and Be Imperfect

Cinderella movie poster

I love the whole Cinderella story. So when I saw the trailer for Disney’s latest version, I knew I had to see it. No, I’m not the target market for the film, but I never let a little thing like … Continue reading

Just Write the Next Book

Sharing Hailey Cover

The things they don’t tell you? Hah. I’d been writing for so many years before I was published that I’d pretty much heard it all. What I didn’t know before I signed that contract, I learned soon after. That doesn’t … Continue reading

Increasing Daily Word Count

Yes, that's being being chased through cubicles by the monster known as introversion.

As I’ve said in a previous post, I don’t discuss my work in progress. So I was a little stumped about what to write for this month’s topic, What I’m Working On. Then in an exchange of emails with Reese … Continue reading

Bingeing On Amy Lane

Chase in Shadow

As I write this, I’m bingeing on Amy Lane. (And may I say it seems particularly apropos to discuss bingeing on American Thanksgiving.) Lynda Aicher mentioned Lane’s work at the RT 2013 conference when we were discussing our mutual love … Continue reading