The Big Goodbye


This is my final post at the Contemporary Romance Cafe.

We’re closing up shop this month. We’re not hanging a For Lease sign in the window, however. Instead we’re turning the place into a self-serve. Come in, look around, read back on all the great posts. Find us in other places!

Me, you can always find here:

It’s interesting timing because, up until this spring, I’ve been part of four group blogs. I decided to leave one, two rebranded, and this one decided to close up shop. (I also used to belong to a fifth one, but I left that some time ago.)

I  hear a lot about whether blogging is “worth it,” meaning, does it translate to book sales. Which, it probably doesn’t in most cases, at least not as a straight-line relationship. Also, not everyone is good at it or enjoys it, so those are good reasons to drop it from the social media repertoire.

There’s also a market adjustment going on, with contemporary romance being extensively flooded as a genre. Many writers are tweaking what they’re doing. That’s an ongoing challenge in the industry.

At any rate – I’ve loved being part of this group! It’s been a good run.

I’m sure I’ll see all of you around town.


~snags day-old cinnamon roll on the way out~

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