Buh bye, Cancer

I’m writing again! A fun story set in Nashville with an alpha hero, a free spirit heroine, and tons of sexual tension. What has helped release the dam holding back my ideas? My husband—he’s cancer-free.writingcoming

Well, as he always qualifies it, he’s as cancer free as one could hope to be without running a bazillion scans and taking a look at every cell. But he faced one last surgery a couple of weeks ago, and the surgeon was able to remove the last cancerous lymph node.

We went into the surgery with a lot of hope but a large dose of realistic concern. Thus far, it seemed as though everything that happened to Jeff from the moment of his diagnosis had gone horribly wrong. He went septic after his colon perforated. He had to have an emergency surgery to stabilize him while he was in a drug-induced coma. His kidneys shut down. He went through hell, and while we desperately wanted to wish the best for this surgery, we’d been conditioned to brace for the worst.

But we got acanceryoda pleasant surprise!

The surgeon is a remarkably calm man. He was the one who personally broke the news about the cancer diagnosis to me the day before Jeff was awakened. I always appreciated that he wanted to be the one to tell me and that he saw it as his duty since he was Jeff’s surgeon. When he walked into the waiting room after this surgery, he motioned us into one of the consultation rooms, and I couldn’t help but notice he was close to…smiling. My hopes soared despite the tethers I tried to keep on them.

My daughter and I sat down opposite him, and then he did smile. A broad grin that I couldn’t help but return. His next words have become the most treasured of my life. “It was best case scenario.”

The lymph node we’d been targeting through chemotherapy had been easy to find, had no blood supply, and “peeled” away as one big piece. He ran across a couple of things (fat tissue, cysts, etc…) he had analyzed while Jeff was still on the table, and puffingoodthey all came back benign. Once the pathology cleared, the lymph node was shown to be the original cancer, which meant he’d gotten the last of it out of Jeff.

So my husband is home, healing. He’s doing very well, feeling a little stronger each day and throwing himself back into life. We both have to learn to live again, something that’s not quite as easy as it sounds. The fear will always be there—we simply have to find a way to push it aside. To be vigilant without living in the shadow of cancer. For me, the first step is writing again.

We can’t thank you all enough for the messages, prayers, and support you’ve given us through this arduous journey. God knows we needed our family and friends, but we were so grateful to my readers and fellow authors for stepping up and helping us through.

For that, we will always be grateful.


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