Brian has both brain and brawn!

I’m so excited that we get to talk about characters on the blog this month, because I just unleashed a gorgeous new geek into the world this week!


Meet Brian Dalton: Marine biologist, oceanographer, cable television star known as the Jacques Cousteau of the new millennium, and Alabama man who has come home to win the woman he loves.

Brian was the guy who broke the curve in school, and wasn’t the least bit subtle about it. The only person who could ever give him a run for his money in the brains department is Brooke Hastings. Though Brian has accomplished quite a lot since he worked up the nerve to plant a big, wet kiss on the Homecoming Queen, he still hasn’t quite forgiven her for snagging first place in the eighth grade science fair.

Still, he finds it hard to hold that against her when he’s finally got the chance to hold her against him.

Here’s a little taste of the sizzling chemistry between Brian and Brooke in Going Deep:

“This might get complicated.”

The intensity of her gaze amused him. He wanted to tell her there was nothing complicated about what he wanted from her. His need stemmed from the most basic, natural, and unquestionably necessary of functions. He should know; he was an expert when it came to biology.

The rise and fall of her chest didn’t go unnoticed. Neither did the dilation of her pupils. Truth in science. Bone-deep honesty lived in her body’s visceral reactions. Virtue in knowing she wanted him to act out every one of the decidedly unvirtuous thoughts racing through his head. No matter what justification her facile mind conjured in the next thirty seconds, they both knew what was happening in the moonlight.

“I’m not afraid of complex problems.”

She glanced back at the house. “No music.”

“Does it matter?”

Slowly she straightened her shoulders and lifted her head. Bracing his feet wide, Brian prepared for the rejection he feared. Surprise almost knocked him on his ass when she placed her hand in his.

She stared at him as he folded her into his arms. “Can you sing?”

“Not on a bet.”


Raising one eyebrow, he stepped into her space, forcing her to follow him into the smooth glide of a waltz. “Do you need me to hail you a cab?”

“I haven’t actually waltzed since the junior high cotillion,” she murmured, nostalgia curving her lips. “Do you hum?”

“I’ve been humming every second since I saw you tonight.”

Her sharp intake of breath made him want to thrust a fist into the air, but his hand fit the delectable curve at the small of her back to perfection and her hair smelled like flowers. No way he could pry himself away.

“You were the only one who could make me dance,” he said.


“At cotillion. We were required to ask someone to dance. I asked you.”


“You were the girl I wanted to dance with.” Coastal Heatbanner

Le sigh. I know an author shouldn’t have favorites, but…

If you’d like to meet Brian, or any of my other heroes, comment below and tell me what your favorite course in school was, and I’ll give one winner their choice of any of my available e-books!

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  1. Well, my favorite subject definitely wasn’t math. Ditto for Chemistry and Physics. I was into English literature, Social Studies, History. I didn’t mind Biology, but I certainly wasn’t into it the way your Brian is! Wonderful excerpt, Maggie!

    • Yay! Hey, Mary, you’ve won your choice from my digital back list! Email me at maggiewells1 (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know what title you’d like. You can find a list of all my books here:

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