What is Brenda Moguez Working On?

These days it’s on a combo of things: moguez_headshot (1)

1)    Waiting and Wondering

2)    The Writer’s Rite & Interviewing

3)    Plotting

4)    Writing

Once, waiting and wondering were akin to elderly aunts who filled me up with cookies and peppermint tea when I stopped by to visit, ever ready to offer a safe haven between beginnings and endings, but no more. Now they are bullies who burn up my free time and take up way to much space in my head. Why? I have two full manuscripts out with different publishers. Every writer knows the agony of wondering and waiting, the scenarios, the head tripping, and the incessant checking of email. Enough said.

To some extent I’ve accepted the daily rite at face value. It’s my daily call to action to spend as much available time alone with the page. I purge. I mess around. I create, and sometimes I get it right and make a little magic. I am intrigued by my voice, where it came from, why I write, and what motivates me to crawl inside the nucleus of an emotion. I question my ability constantly. I wallow in the tepid pool of tears if a rejection letter awaits me in my inbox. But as intrigued as I am about my fragile eco system, I am more interested in hearing from writers about their respective inner sanctums. Most writers are willing to offer their thoughts on writing and quite happily tell their stories. Nothing could be more perfect for me. We all have a story to tell. Interested in sharing yours?

While the rest of the writing world was knee deep in Nano, I spent the month submerged in a Plotting with Scrivener, class. While I did learn some new tricks about Scrivener, the highlights were the introduction to Aeon Timeline and learning screenwriting techniques for fiction writers. Lights. Camera. Action. Aeon is a powerful tool for the creative thinker. It helped me untangle the story I could see in my head but was struggling to get out. As for the screenwriting tips I learned, nothing compares. I plotted out two novels during Nanowrimo, one of which is occupying the time the bullies are not wasting and the other is waiting patiently me for return. Both are women’s fiction with strong romantic elements.

Something to note, one of the two stories I plotted, Cooking with Riley, was actually started before the class but since it was floundering I ran it through the re-plotting wringer in Nano-November. It came out the other end an entirely different story. The structured process I followed revealed the flaws of my idea. Plotting from start of finish, including a detailed timeline, forced me to re-think the story and in the process, fix it. I am reformed pantser forever more.

Interested in sharing your POV on the Writer’s Rite on Wednesday? Drop me a note at: brenda.moguez@gmail.com


Celia Mendoza is not living La Vida Loca. She put her graduate studies on hold after her father died. Now she dishes out advice in her e-zine column, Luna Love, Loving is Good. The problem is, she hasn’t had a second date or a kiss in over a year. Then Gabe Mercer, a modern-day Adonis, shows up, daring her to take a chance. The string of broken hearts in his wake turns Celia off, but his relentless encouragement to pursue her dream of becoming a serious journalist contradicts his reputation, making it hard to fight the pull of his topaz, come-hither eyes. He’s everything Luna Love tells her readers to take a chance on, but Celia can’t decide if a chance encounter is worth the gamble. But life has a will of its own, and hers is pushing Celia to accept the uncertainty and run towards her destiny.

 If you’re looking for a fun and fast read, Loving is Good is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


About Brenda 

Brenda Moguez lives in San Francisco. She writes fiction with quirky, strong women, with non-formulaic endings because life isn’t always perfect. She writes by the light of the moon and between conference calls. She has aspirations for a fully staffed villa in Barcelona and funding aplenty for a room of her own. When she’s not working on a story, she writes love letters to the universe, dead poets, and Mae West. You can find her on Twitter @BrendaMoguez, https://www.facebook.com/BrendaMoguez, or http://www.brendamoguez.com, where she explores passionate pursuits in all its forms.


What is Brenda Moguez Working On? — 5 Comments

  1. Brenda, I wish you much good luck on the two manuscripts you have with publishers at the moment. I too have a manuscript at a publisher that I am nervously waiting to hear about. May we both hear good news in the New Year!

  2. Welcome to the Cafe, Brenda. I love it when writers share their struggles and insecurities. It reminds us that we aren’t alone in feeling that way. I’m really interested in the classes you took. They sound fabulous, like just the thing I need for two stories I’m working on.

  3. Best of luck to you Jane… the waiting game is fun (not) but one thing we have on our side is that we are no limited to traditional publishing. The world is ours to command.

  4. @Liz, thanks much for having me and for the well wishes. I’m always happy to share my inner write nerdiness. And back at you, wishing you all the best! @Reese – it was a great way to spend November. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat. Thanks again.

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