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Petticoat Lane 001My name is Arlene Valle and I am so glad to finally have a guest post on Contemporary Romance Café.

I am a Canadian living in North East Ohio. I have been here longer than I lived in Canada, but I will always consider myself a Canadian. Don’t get me wrong I love it here and have no desire to move.

At the age of 22 I had the chance to go to Europe. My parents at the time were living in Oslo, Norway and I thought if it didn’t go then (premise to visit them) I would never get the chance again. My girlfriend and I had an absolutely fantastic time travelling through many countries mostly by train, although we did manage a hovercraft to France a boat trip from Denmark to Sweden while still in the train car and a bus ride after our train derailed in Norway. I have wonderful memories. Not so sure I would do it today, and actually some of the things we did were pretty wild. Maybe I will have to find a way to incorporate them in another novel.

I’ve had an IT career out of necessity, and now I write just for the enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment when I am done, even if it’s just a great chapter.

safe_image[2] My first novel is called ARRANGED.  It was released 1-31-13. I wonder if there is any significance to all those 1’s and 3’s!

I wish I could tell you of some great epiphany I had to come up with it, but I just don’t have anything that exciting as a reason. After reading Twilight and Fifty Shades, I got brave enough to decide I wanted to try my hand at writing.  Their style was easy and dare I say simple and the story for ARRANGED just started to flow and evolve as the time went on.

The story centers around a beautiful (aren’t they all) young woman named Samantha and her loves and pain as a nymphomaniac through no fault of her own and her struggles to get her life under control. She is in love with a wealthy older man but he can’t always be enough for her and so he becomes a guide and protector as she seeks out other men to fulfill her needs. Along the way she falls in love with three men all for different reasons and in the end must pick one to settle down with. She is kind and giving, but readers may hate her for her careless regard for relationships, but in the end I think she proves to be an intelligent, sweet, kind, and generous person.

Much of the story takes place on a Spanish Caribbean Island called Isla de Margarita an Island State of Venezuela. Doing research for the story I became friends with a man that lives on the island. He is a fellow Canadian and was extremely helpful in making sure for many of the accuracies in the story. I like the Spanish influence in the story over the typical Caribbean style feeling. Since the books release I have met another Canadian living on Margarita, and have thoroughly enjoyed conversations with her.  She too will be very helpful when it comes to finishing the sequel.

The heroine not only has her wealthy older man, but a Wall Street lawyer, whom she fell for on a one night stand in San Francisco. He becomes a main character as his life and relationships mature on the island. She also is involved with an ex-pat police officer from New Jersey, drowning his sorrows on the island after losing his family in an accident. She loves strong men especially men in uniform and she is immediately drawn to him at first just because of his past profession and his sad back story.

There is a murder and a shooting and enough sex to keep most erotica readers happy. I also hope I give readers a chance to get away to a tropical island with a much different feel than most Caribbean destinations. The Spanish influence is always present and the fact that it is a State of Venezuela, a country right now going through political and domestic upheavals in trying to establish a stable government and economy.

What I’m presently working on is the sequel to ARRANGED I am now 2/3 of the way through the story as it will fill in the time gap between the end of the second to last chapter and the last chapter. Not complicated if you read ARRANGED. There are the original characters from the first book plus some new people to definitely spice things up. If you read both books I hope you can see a maturing and happiness that all the main characters achieve.

A lot of the story takes place in Texas and Margarita Island but I wouldn’t rule out a bit of an educational trip to another country, for the sake of love of course.

I also have an outline for a YA novel tentatively called “Bell House” A contemporary love story with some paranormal history thrown in just to keep the heroine on her toes.

I have also started another contemporary love story about a television writer and a handsome foreign actor she butts heads with when it comes to creating his character for a TV show tentatively called “Take Me”. I’ve posted a couple of lines from it on twitter in recent weeks.

It seems all my stories are seen through the eyes of a strong female protagonist. This is not intentional, I swear. That’s just the way they come to me, or maybe it’s because I’ve had to overcome a lot in my own life and I like the idea of the woman being able to take care of herself and make her way through life and whatever gets thrown at her.

Once again thanks to Contemporary Romance Cafe for allowing me a chance to tell my story. I really appreciate it as a first time author.

            You can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/arlene.valle.79

I am on twitter @writergirl4u

Also writergirl4u@gmail.com and my webpage www.arlenevalle.com At this time the website is not interactive.

If anyone is interested and I hope I have piqued some interest for this story, you can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. It is also available at AmazonUK, AmazonCA and in English through Amazon in France, Germany and Spain.

It is also available through Alibris, Indigo, Abebooks, Book Depository and Powell’s Books.


It is available as a Kindle edition also.









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