Book Binging

There are a lot of numbers in my life right now. 39 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks into maternity leave, 1 week ’til my due date, and 10 million things to get done before this baby makes his or her long-awaited appearance. On my to-do list are such glamorous tasks as doing laundry, buying light bulbs and wood glue, and phoning the rubbish collection service (playfully named Pikitup) to order a new bin after ours disappeared.

What am I doing instead? Aggressively chipping away at my TBR pile!

My crazy work schedule for the last six months has forced me to ruthlessly prioritize my free time, and more often than not, reading took a backseat to pretty much everything else. Now that I have nothing but free time (and a steadily dwindling addiction to my work e-mail), I’m burning through pages like a maniac. Here’s the current lineup:

The Price of Admission by Daniel Golden. I decided to kick off with a non-fiction book I’ve owned for literally years but never got around to cracking open, in no small part because after I’m launched into parenthood it may be another few years before I can gather the brain cells to read anything this serious. The Price of Admission is the culmination of Golden’s long-term investigation into the effect of socioeconomic privilege on admission to elite universities. It’s fascinating and expertly written, although I was disappointed to learn that I’ll need to make at least a six-figure donation before I can influence this baby’s Ivy League admission. 😛

Hard Time by Cara McKenna. I’ve had this book on my eReader for months and have been using it to incentivise myself, as I am wont to do, with constantly moving goal posts. First, I could read it as soon as I submitted a manuscript (done in October). Then I could read it as soon as I finished some edits (done in November). Then I could read it as soon as… as soon as… you get the idea. Well, I think the time has finally arrived and it’s next up in the queue!

McKettricks of Texas #2 & #3 by Linda Lael Miller. This is where it gets a little risky. I would love to wrap up this trilogy of brothers by one of my favorite authors, but they’re not short novels and the clock is ticking rather loudly. Can I do it? Will I be frantically turning pages in the delivery room? Stay tuned!

Alive DayThis will be my last post until June, when I’ll be back with news of first-time parenthood and the conclusion to my Homefront series with Samhain, Thunder Running. Have a great three months, everyone!


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