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Sexcapades finalWhen I told my husband that I was writing a story about two Internet bloggers, he snorted. “I’m surprised you haven’t done that already.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Come on, you live online. I figured it was a given you’d write one of those.”

So, I might have a bit of an issue “living” online (but I can stop anytime I want!!!) but this really was a natural fit. There are so many interesting personalities online, so many opportunities for individuals who aren’t necessarily comfortable in face to face settings, to have a forum in which to speak. That was the inspiration for my heroine, Petra, and her start-up of a sex advice blog. Because really, who hasn’t at least once gone to one of those advice blogs to take a peek. Gleam some insight into how others handle problems. Take extensive notes…

No? Just me?

*pushes notebook away* I mean…no, I don’t do that either. But I’m sure lots of people do. I’m always in awe of individuals who can dish out advice to others. Most of them do so with an elegant turn of phrase, provide fresh ways of looking at a problem that wouldn’t have occurred to me. I’ve tried to do so one or two times myself and it normally turns into a variation of:

“Umm…yeah. So that thing you were interested in. Here’s a link to a great blog post I read! I think the comments section is still open.”

My strength is in face-to-face situations. *nods*

Petra is the polar opposite of me. She can elegantly provide mountains of information to her blog followers, is risque online, isn’t afraid to jump into the fray of trolling comments as she knows she’ll come out of it unscathed. But put her in a social situation…and she clams up.

She’ll need to take a bit of her own advice to be able to survive meeting her online rival face to face. :)

Some Blogs that Inspire Me


Storytelling Rules (formerly Drunk Writers)

Courtney Milan

Terrible Minds (Chuck Wendig)


Sexcapades Blurb

Petra Clark’s blog Sexcapades inspires women to embrace sexuality. What readers don’t know is that her advice isn’t based on personal experience. Despite erotic fantasies about the hot guy at her local coffee shop, social anxiety keeps Petra from connecting with real men in the real world. She’s more comfortable as PC, sparring online with her nemesis, the cocky D. Williams.

Counselor by day, blogger by night, Darcy Williams gets a thrill countering PC’s female-friendly advice with a macho slant. And when both blogs are nominated for an award, he’s intrigued by the chance to finally meet the woman who’s been driving him wild with her Sexcapades.

When Petra runs into her coffee-shop crush at the awards party, sparks fly—and so do their clothes. Only after multiple orgasms does she realize who Darcy really is: the competition. Now they’re facing accusations of fraud, with stalking and blackmail thrown in. But perhaps most frightening of all are the feelings growing between them……

Sexcapades releases on June 3rd from Carina Press. It’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon and B&N.

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  1. Thanks for giving us a peek behind the scenes of your inspiration for Sexcapades. I’ve been wanting to write a story about a couple who meet online for awhile. I’m fascinated by the connections we make with people we’ve never met in person.

    By the way…great title and cover. :-)

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