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48988_1025007027_4423_n (1)I am fortunate enough to live in a house which has a perfect first-floor room for a library/study. The desk I bought years ago for my ‘someday’ office looks charming in the room, set on an angle, since I hate straight lines in any room. The shelves are filled with books, both my favorites and a complete shelf of books on the craft of writing. I love heading in there each morning with a cup of coffee and my little dog at my heels. She takes up a place on the rug in the corner as I tend to emails, check my overnight stats, that type of thing.
I usually finish off the morning by writing, at least for a couple of hours. Depending on where I’m at in the process, it’s either the hard work of writing the next story, or putting together a guest blog, or editing the book about to be released. Such a nice, orderly life for someone who hates straight lines, you say?
It life could only be that idyllic. The title for my contemporary which was released in RoadToComfort_850 (1)March is The Road To Comfort. I came across that phrase on a quick trip from Ohio to North Carolina. As my sister and I madly sped along the PA turnpike, the phrase wouldn’t get out of my mind. By now, I’m aware that if I want to get something out of my head, I need to write it down. So there I was, scrambling in the car for a pen and paper, as we zipped down the road at 70 miles per hour. One thought after another poured through my mind. What if my heroine was on a road trip? Speeding down the highway with the radio blasting, on a trip to nowhere. A trip to Comfort. By the time we arrived home, I had the major plot points figured out, and the book came together quickly thereafter.
Voice of an Angel (1)My other contemporary, which released in April, Voice Of An Angel, came to me one night when I was dozing in my recliner. I had just finished watching Eddie & The Cruisers, one of my favorite movies of all time. I began to think about a musician in the DC area who had died while in her twenties. Her voice and her music live on to this day. So, in my foggy, sleepy state, the two plot lines came together. What if a musician didn’t die, just disappeared? Yet her music lived on? I stood from my chair, raced into the study/office/library and began to plot point my next book.
So, even though I have a nice, orderly office with a shiny desk and a spanking new computer, my writing seems to take place wherever I happen to be.



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  1. Great post again Becky. Keep going on road trips and watching old movies, where ever you need to go to get inspiration because they sure are working. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love the title and cover for your newest book, Becky. And am impressed by how quickly you are able to write, plus blogging and social media. I’m a slower writer but I do love the process. I usually get inspiration in the shower or eavesdropping at coffee shops!

    Congrats on your contemporary romances and on getting inspiration wherever you are. (Your office sounds amazing!)

  3. Welcome to the Cafe, Becky! Your book covers are gorgeous. I’m originally from Ohio and now reside in Central North Carolina. I am quite familiar with the long car drive between the two states. It’s fantastic that the trip resulted in a story plot.

  4. Thanks for visiting with us today, Becky. Don’t you just love those ideas that hit out of the blue? Sometimes all it takes is a sign or the lyrics to a song. For me, those flashes of inspiration are the best part of being a writer!

  5. I love to hear stories about where and when the muse hits. It seems you often have to be right away from the writing environment to set your imagination free. And I can attest to the muse being on fire when you plotted The Road to Comfort….loved the story.

  6. Love your covers and your discussion about where inspiration strikes–just about everywhere for you, Becky! You bring up a good point–sometimes it’s when we break our routine and get out somewhere that we free out minds up to be creative. Great post, Becky!

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