Battling Time…

April is here! My turn at bat—on April Fools’ Day, no less…lies lies

Since the topic is open, I thought I’d write about time. I’m sure a lot of you out there will empathize with some of this… We all face battles with time—too much or too little—in our lives.

These are mine.

Foremost in my life is not having enough time to write. The ideas are there, sometimes in an overwhelming way. For that, I am eternally grateful. But finding the time to translate those ideas from thoughts to pages? That is in short supply.

Part of that lack of time is because I’m still caring for my husband as he continues to battle colon cancer. I’m discovering that there is no “finish line” where colon cancer is concerned, and despite our hopes we’d left it behind, I was wrong.

His second round of chemo knocked him on his ass too many times for him to continue with it, so we’ve shifted to radiation treatments. What that means is we’ve gone from six hours every two weeks at the Infusion Center to thirty minutes every weekday at the Radiation Oncology office. I’m happy that the radiation oncologist thinks he can “zap” the last two tumors, but I feel bad that I have to help Jeff make the trek to the hospital so often. It exhausts him.


Another time suck is my own fault. We got a new puppy. By “we” I mean “me.” Jeff was ambivalent at best, but I’d hoped the puppy would encourage him to get out and walk more. The problem was that we’d anticipated he wouldn’t still be fighting the cancer and that he’d have the time, energy, and inclination to work with a puppy. We thought his September surgery meant we were done. Alas, not the case. Two new tumors changed everything. So we now have a salt & pepper miniature Schnauzer named Maximillian, and a lot of the responsibility for his care falls to me. Max is a bit…demanding, and I look forward to when he outgrows the puppy stage and settles down a little. But he makes me smile during a time in our lives when there are sometimes very few things to smile about.backout

I’m blessed to be teaching part-time this school year, which helps with my lack of time to write and helps me care for Jeff. I have nothing but great things to say about the staff and administration at my school. They’ve been so supportive and have made things so much easier for me.

maxjeffFinally, time seems to have only two speeds in my life—hurry up and wait. I often feel as though I’m going to get whiplash, because one moment we’re hurrying back to the hospital for something. Yet when we’re home later in the day, time seems to drag because Jeff simply can’t do too much without becoming exhausted. When he’s not somewhere seeing some doctor, you’ll find him at home, sitting in his recliner, wrapped in a blanket, and watching television. Those times are when I can finally write—depending on whether Max is willing to cooperate. In retaliation, he’s already chewed through the power cord to my laptop. Let’s just say he doesn’t enjoy being ignored.

So what challenges does time, or lack thereof, toss in your path? Would love to hear any techniques you use to meet those challenges!


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Battling Time… — 6 Comments

  1. Great blog, Sandy! You and Jeff are in my prayers daily. I know the time thing–work is what overwhelms me right now, so writing has had to take a back seat to earning a living. But I’m holding out hope to get a new book out this fall, so we’ll see, eh? <>

  2. It’s difficult. When my dad was in the hospital last summer, I was able to write at the hospital in between doctors and nurses. But it wasn’t as productive. When Mom was in the hospital, I couldn’t work or sleep, because she kept trying to get out of bed and she didn’t know where she was in time or place.

  3. Right now I’m working against the clock to finish a series I’m working on. Lots of things interfere – my part-time work, the dog wanting to be walked, my need to get exercise (I don’t want to, but I’ll seize up completely if I don’t). But my biggest time sucks are things of my own making, like watching too much TV. Hard to beat that addiction.

    I’m keeping you and Jeff in my thoughts. All the best.

    • Thanks, Jana!
      I’m with you–some of my time sucks are truly my own concoction. I’m distracted a lot by social media and by my current obsession with watching videos from the musical Hamilton. :)

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