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Wow August already!  I know here in Texas that means that summer is technically winding down as school starts in just a few short weeks although the summer heat will be with us until late September at the least.  So, what’s a girl to do but throw her Kindle in the cool waterproof pouch and read in the pool or hunker down inside in the cool a/c and read, read, read!  Thankfully, I never run out of reading material and I’m very happy to recommend some great book to help keep you entertained and cool!

Love, Technically by Lynne Silver

LoveTech_CoverI have a soft spot in my heart for geeky heroes and Noah “Sark” Frellish really fits the bill in Love, Technically.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with this guy who was always a little shy, a little socially awkward, and very intelligent.  A case of mistaken identity on the part of a new employee and Sark finds himself involved with Michelle who has no idea he’s the CEO of the company she works for.  I found myself very caught up in their story and their missteps as they work towards a happily ever after.  What I loved most about this book, they both encouraged the other to go for their dreams even knowing it wouldn’t be easy for either one of them.  Although there is some sex in this book, I consider this more of a “sweet” romance but high enjoyable.  Author Lynne Silver does a great job taking an often used plot and making it her own, making it fresh, and writing wonderful characters that leave an impression.

“She couldn’t believe what she’d done last night.  It was like a scene straight from Sex and the City, emphasis on the sex.  Who would have thought a computer geek would be that good in bed?”

Final-Slow-Summer-Burn_480x640Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett

I’ve been a fan of Elisabeth Barrett’s Star Harbor series so it is no wonder this book made my must read list for August.  I was lucky to get an advance copy since it doesn’t release until  8/12 and it is every bit as good as the three before it. This book finds the oldest of the Grayson brothers, Val, reassessing his personal life now that his brothers are all settled. He never expects to find himself attracted to socialite and local business owner, Cameron Stahl especially when it turns out she could possibly help him with his latest DEA case.  While this is a romance there is a lot going on including some intrigue and suspense.  I also loved that we got a chance to catch up with the other three Grayson brothers and their significant others.   We gained a lot of understanding into Val’s incessant need to provide and protect those he loves and into what motivates Cameron to move beyond her family’s expectations.  I don’t think I could have asked for a better ending to this series, my one wish that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Star Harbor!

“And then, he worshiped her body, first with his fingers, trailing over every inch of her skin—and finally with his mouth.  She was sensitized, every nerve ending a little electric current of need.  When he spread her and licked the insides of her thighs, she started to quiver.  And when he used his tongue to lap between her legs she thought she was going to die.”

the-winning-season_weblgThe Winning Season by Allison Packard

Summer for me means baseball, I’m a huge fan and so baseball themed books seem to find their way to my Kindle as soon as they hit the shelves.  This one features a player recovering from an injury, Matt Scanlon, and his new team’s publicist, Kelly Maxwell.  I loved the back and forth and up and down of this story.  It wasn’t an easy read, there were a lot of outside forces pulling these two apart and on top of that they both have so many walls built up around their hearts that it was almost painful to watch them try and figure out their feelings. There were a lot of special moments in this book and I loved that it constantly surprised me.  While I found these characters intriguing and their story endearing, I sure hope Ms. Packard intends to write some of the other player’s stories so we get to see how their relationship is progressing!

“Glancing lower, her gaze rested on his rippling abs and then she followed that trail of dark hair that started at his navel and ended at his groin.  Her breath caught in her throat when she saw proof that she wasn’t the only one turned on.  Anticipation surged through her veins and turned her knees to gelatin.”

InnocenceDefied_R_426x640Innocence Defied (New York 3) by Lainey Reese

I must say that this author has had me captivated since the first book in this series.  This story involves a Dom, Gage Hollister, who we met in book 2 and Gage’s best friend’s little sister, Zoe Marshall, who is 13 years younger than him and very, very innocent.  Yeah, that kind of blew me out of the water as soon as I read it and I must tell you I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this one, but the author did a fantastic job with this story line.  By the end of chapter three I was completely engaged and I couldn’t put this book down. Gage tried his best to resist Zoe but she was a force to be reckoned with and he soon found himself captured.  I thought the way Gage introduced Zoe to the BDSM lifestyle was done well; he made sure she understood fully what was expected and checked often to make sure she was okay.  Zoe is young and at times her immaturity showed but that just made this story all the more believable.  Innocence Defied is another superb offering in an already stellar series; the sex and BDSM scenes were hot and well written, the actions of Zoe’s family expected, and the outcome of their relationship satisfying.  I’m already looking forward to the next book!

“I’m going to Hell.  I’m going to burn in Hell.  The devil is going to cut off my cock and then burn me in Hell forever.  It was Zoe.  That luscious pair of breasts and all that midnight hair belonged to Zoe.  He’d been drooling over his best friend’s baby sister.”

GuardedDesires72lgGuarded Desires by Lexxie Couper

When I was asked to do this little feature I knew I wanted to include a M/M book.  Over the last two years, I have grown to love this genre.  While I had intended to use a different book I realized it doesn’t release until later this month and I’ve already teased you with one like that so, I’m highly recommending Guarded Desires by Lexxie Couper.  This book flat out floored me, from the first scene until the last I was wound up and had that out of breath feeling and when I finished it I was on a total book high.  Yep, it’s that good.  I love that hero number one, Chris, had never had any inkling of his bisexuality until he saw Liev for the first time.  The scene where he’s trying to come to terms with these feelings was flat out fantastic.  Hero number two, Liev, embraces his bisexuality and knows he’s in big, big trouble upon meeting Chris for the first time.  Chris being a movie star and in the public eye complicated their relationship from the start and while Liev tried to keep his distance they found themselves sharing some heated moments until Chris’s assistant really pushes them over the edge.  While I don’t want to downplay how serious this budding relationship was, the private thoughts of both men as they worked to figure things out where quite humorous and fitting.  This is one of those books that I re-read immediately and I’ve read a third time since it released.  It is one of my top 10 on my must read M/M list and it is not to be missed.

“If anyone had told Chris dry humping a naked man would electrify him more than being inside a woman’s tight, wet pussy he would have laughed at them.  But he wasn’t laughing now.  He was moaning and panting, and begging for—”

Seduced_CovWebLgSeduced (Lost In Oblivion The Beginning) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

I have to admit that lately I’ve found myself reading a lot of New Adult books which isn’t something I ever planned on doing.  But it’s a slippery slope and while I am SOOOO very glad I’m no longer in that age range (by a long shot), I really do enjoy this genre.  This is a full length prequel to the Lost In Oblivion series and it is freakin’ fantastic.  The authors warn readers this is a cliffhanger, but I beg to differ, this book introduces the characters, gives us their background, the band’s background, lets us see the dynamics within the band, and takes us along as they sit on the brink of super stardom.  I love that they felt it was so important for us to see all of this before they wrote the band members individual stories. Often times the first book in a series is bogged down with too many character introductions, background, and set up that the couple the story is about gets lost.  This way, we know all of this and hopefully while the band will always be present in the books the story can focus on the couple and not all the extraneous “stuff” that is necessary to understand what is going on.  The characters in this book are young and they’ve experienced a lot of hard knocks, but they’ve come out on the other side and their lives are getting ready to change forever.  I’m hooked and I can’t wait to see where this writing duo has in store for them and for us!

“He brushed a kiss over her temple as they strode towards the basement entrance.  “The minute I shut that door behind us, I want your skirt and your panties off.  Understand me?”  She shuddered. “Yes.”  “What’s off-limits?”  When she didn’t respond, he jockeyed his guitar until he could seize her chin and yank her face closer to his. “Jasmine.  What’s off-limits?” Her gaze seared into his and left him smoking. “Nothing,” she whispered.”

***There you go; some sweet reads, some smokin’ hot reads, and some in between…that should keep you going for awhile! Thanks for having me here on the Contemporary Romance Cafe and sorry I’m so long winded.  If there’s one thing I can do it is talk about books especially contemporary books because I rarely read anything else.  You can find me hanging out on Facebook (Slick Reads) and sometimes on Twitter (@slickreads1100) or of course at Guilty Pleasures (  I’m always happy to connect with other readers!

SlickMeet Slick of Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews:  I’m an avid reader and average around 30-40 books per month, most I read for review at Guilty Pleasures but this year I made a pact with myself to read some just for me and I’ve done well with that.  I actually discovered erotic romance about 3 years ago and credit Lorelei James for putting a lot of spark back into my marriage. The hubster and I have been married 26+ years and are still going strong. (Just a side note, the hubster has read every one of Lorelei’s Rough Rider series and the Twilight series because he was tired of me referencing them and wanted to know what the fuss was about. We have had a lot of interesting conversations about them all.)  I prefer contemporary erotic romances, love anything with multiple partners, BDSM, and I enjoy a good man love story now and again. As far as my reviews, they will depend on the book. I have a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of favorite authors but I have no problem letting them know if a book doesn’t meet my expectations. I feel authors deserve and appreciate honesty from their readers. I’ve been reviewing for Guilty Pleasures for about 18 months now and have loved every minute to it.  These fine ladies are my book family and I appreciate each and every one of them!  



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