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When someone un-handy picks up power tools … watch out

Arelene Hittle HeadshotI have another confession to make. Not only am I not much of a sports fan, despite the fact that I write a series of stories featuring baseball player heroes, I’m also not all that handy around the house, despite the fact that the heroine and hero in Just Right, my newest release, are renovating a cabin together.

Before I moved in with my roommate, a gal with an actual toolbox, I had a tool basket — a basket I wove in a class I took with my mom. It contained a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers — one regular and one Phillips head. The basket also held things like batteries, wood glue and all the leftover screws and other parts from assemble-it-yourself furniture.

Anything with even a remote link to home improvement got tossed in my tool basket. At least that way, I knew where to find it…even if I wasn’t sure what to do with it once I had it in hand.

When I decided to re-imagine Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I knew I wanted the three Behr brothers to be in construction. And then, just to be ornery — and annoy hero Ty, the baby of the family, who wants the work on the cabin done as slowly as possible — I made Callie handy, too. Her knowledge comes courtesy of a handyman father who insisted she learn the basics of home repair.

How did I manage to write about renovating a cabin without knowing much more than how to swing a hammer and (usually) hit the nail? I watched a lot of home improvement shows on TLC and DIY network.

“Holmes on Homes” is a good one — he goes in and fixes jobs other contractors have gotten terribly wrong. I like “The Property Brothers” mainly for the eye candy — both brothers are pretty darn cute (but not half as sexy as Ty and his brothers, Jeff and Will).

Other faves? Umm … okay … I’ll admit it: I watched Vanilla Ice go Amish (highly entertaining, actually) and Jennie Garth renovate a home. Who knew little Kelly Taylor from “Beverly Hills 90210” was so handy?

The one show I can’t stand: House Hunters International. “Tom and Sara have $1.2 million to buy a home on the beach in Italy. Can they find the home of their dreams?” No thank you. If I want to watch rich people throw money around, I’ll turn on the Kardashians.

Just Right is part of Turquoise Morning Press’ “and they lived Happily Ever After” series.

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Just Right CoverAmerica’s Sweetheart, Callista Gold, needs an escape from Hollywood—and the scandalous photos hackers leaked to the tabloids. She buys a cottage in northern Arizona, sight unseen, and heads for what she thinks will be a mountain retreat. But like her now-tainted reputation, Rosewood Cottage needs some major fixing-up. Contractor Tyler Behr—one-third of Behr Construction—is just the man for the job. Problem is Ty had other plans: buy Rosewood and flip it. He agrees to work for the frosty beauty, with thoughts of delaying the project long enough for her to get bored and go back to wherever she came from.

But Callie is no prissy miss. She jumps in to help with the renovations, perfectly at home with construction—and one particular construction worker. Sparks ignite between them with every swing of the hammer, until a photo of Ty and Callie in a compromising position creates another scandal for her and a dilemma for him. He’s never been big on sharing, not even something as simple as loaning power tools to his own brothers. How can he share the woman he loves with the movie-going public?

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Arlene Hittle is an Indiana girl who now makes her home in northern Arizona. Just Right, her fifth book with Turquoise Morning Press, has absolutely nothing to do with her All Is Fair in Love & Baseball series—but it was a lot of fun to write. She enjoyed putting a sexy spin on one of the fairy tales she grew up reading. When she’s not writing, reading, spending time with her boyfriend or slurping down Starbucks drinks, she works as a page designer/reporter for the Daily Courier in Prescott. Find her at, on Twitter or on Facebook. If you’d like to get updates on Arlene’s latest releases, sign up for her newsletter.

Any House Hunters International fans out there? Convince me I’m wrong.







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  1. “Tom and Sara have $1.2 million to buy a home on the beach in Italy. Can they find the home of their dreams?” *groan* This is the reason I don’t watch “House Hunters International.” I enjoy “Love It or List It,” but I will NEVER allow Hilary in my house. That woman is a jinx. I’ve never seen her redo a home in which she didn’t uncover major structural problems!

  2. I’m an HGTV fanatic. I’ve watched so many home improvement shows I’m sure I could renovate a house with my eyes closed. Well, maybe not, but I agree that you can certainly learn a lot from those shows! Thanks for being with us today, Arlene.

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