Amy Armstrong: A Brit’s Take on Holiday Romance

Please welcome guest author Amy Armstrong, who shares a British view of holiday romance!

Hi everyone! Firstly, thanks so much to Contemporary Romance Cafe for inviting me onto your blog today. I’m so happy to be here!

I love the theme of holiday romances as I’ve always enjoyed reading about love blossoming between two people who are away from home and therefore out of their element. There’s something so incredibly romantic about meeting a significant other while away on holiday, be it in a hot, tropical climate or a vibrant city like Venice or Paris. People tend to be more open to the idea of romantic encounters when they’re on holiday, I think. That might be because we are away from the people we know so we feel freer to be ourselves or maybe we feel we can reinvent ourselves when on holiday.

People tend to be so much more relaxed when away from the daily grind of their everyday lives so they’re often more open to possibilities. And I think the location itself can act as an aphrodisiac. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than a stroll along the beach at sunset. People often bond over shared experiences too, so when you take in the sights and sounds of an exciting new city with someone, would that bring you closer together and help you to fall in love with them? Is it that simple or is love more complex than that?

Let’s say you travel for work and are always in a new-to-you town or city. Would you still be as open to possibilities or would you shy away from relationships because you know you won’t be staying in one place for very long? I think it’s fair to say we have little choice over who we fall in love with and it can happen at the most inopportune time. That’s the problem my heroine faces in A Hellhound in Hollywood, book four in my Huntress Chronicles series.

Alana has been sent to Los Angeles to retrieve one of the twenty-something lost grimoires before they fall in the hands of demons. She’s never visited the city before and is only there a short time before she lands herself in hot water and has to run for her life from a snarling, savage hellhound. Fortunately, smooth-talking cowboy and fellow hunter, Tyler Braddock is there to save the day. Ty and Alana team up to search for the grimoire and as they battle against warlocks, vampires and hellhounds in a city that is alien to Alana, they start to develop feelings for one another outside of what is acceptable for a working relationship. For workaholic Alana, nothing is more important than being the best hunter she can be so she can’t let a man interfere with her job. But maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t have to be either or. As Alana and Ty get closer together, the job gets more perilous. If they survive it and locate the grimoire, they will have to leave L.A behind, but will they be leaving each other behind too?

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A Hellhound in Hollywood

A Hellhound in Hollywood coverWhen vampire huntress Alana Day is sent to Los Angeles to retrieve one of the lost grimoires, she expects the job to be as easy as every other. But while out hunting on her first night in the city, she is nearly killed by a savage hellhound. Smooth-talking cowboy and fellow hunter Tyler Braddock saves Alana’s life, and they decide to team up to locate the grimoire. Sparks fly between the pair from the moment they meet, but Alana has spent her life focusing on her job and trying to be the best hunter she can be. She’s not about to let a man interfere with that plan.

However, the more Alana gets to know Ty, the more she begins to realize that there’s more to life than hunting. Love is equally important to her, and maybe it doesn’t have to be either or.

Just as she warms to the idea of a future with Ty, their search for the grimoire grows more perilous. Soon they are fighting vampires, warlocks, hellhounds and a demon that would see them dead before handing over the grimoire. What’s the point of planning a future together when they might not have one?

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Amy Armstrong is a Brit who loves chocolate, prosecco, and sunshine. She lives and breathes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but is also a fan of the classics and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on, including but not limited to thrillers, horror, dark fantasy and young adult fiction.

Amy writes stories filled with heart, heat and passion. She loves stories of strong woman, but believes heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. She is happiest when writing or soaking up the sun with a pina colada in one hand and her kindle in the other. Her family and friends are an important part of her life and she loves meeting new people with similar interests. She is a full time writer and loves to hear from readers.

Amy also writes M/M romance under the pseudonym Lavinia Lewis.

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks so much for having me here as a guest. Oh dear, I think this might be a case of ‘lost in translation’ even though we speak the same language! lol! When I learnt of your theme of holiday romances, I completely forgot that a holiday for Americans means occasions such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. As you know a holiday here in the UK is what you call a vacation. So I seem to have got carried away on the wrong theme! Oops! Huge apologies. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving in a few days time. Now that is a ‘holiday’ that I wish we had here in the UK!

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