Amie Louellen’s Ode to the Sweet Romance

sweetromanceI grew up reading those white cover Harlequins from the 80’s. My love affair began in the seventh grade when a friend of mine would bring grocery sacks of them to school to share with me. In turn, I would take them to my grandmother to read. Along with the television show Remington Steele, this was the perfect bonding for the two of us.

Okay, I know I just dated myself, but these are good memories for me. Sandra Brown’s Silhouette Romances. The Wildcatter’s Woman. Janet Daily, Tidewater Lover and The Ivory Cane. I ran across a couple of these at a thrift store the other day and couldn’t leave them on the shelf. Never mind that I have vowed to stop wagging home every book that looks mildly interesting. Leaving one of those classics behind would be like leaving my grandmother on the street alone. I just couldn’t do it.

So is it any wonder that once I set my mind to writing romance that I wanted to produce one of these treasures of my childhood? The powerful billionaire playboy with a good heart even though he is misunderstood by all of those around him. The average heroine, believer in fairytales and unemployed, who just happens upon such a man and naturally thinks she’s found her prince. And like the white covers of old, I wanted the yearning, the gut wrenching emotions, and sexual tension with no consummation. Yes, a “sweet romance”.

I decided my romance would be a funny little fairytale of a story. I added in a love potion of blue shampoo accidentally ingested by our misunderstood billionaire playboy hero and made by our average, unemployed, dreamer of a heroine. He sweeps her off her feet and proposes on what is the most romantic night of her life. After a spur of the moment wedding and a steamy wedding night, he wakes up the next morning and can’t even remember her name.

The only problem is, the market changes. Fads in writing, heat level, genre and more come in and out of popularity. Such changes in the market (along with my quirky sense of humor) rendered my sweet little romance dated. A lot like me.

In 2012, when I had the opportunity to submit my story to the publisher who would eventually publish it for the first time, there was one problem. The only line my tale fit into was one that for them required sex scenes in the book. So I did what I had to do. I added a great love scene between the hero and the heroine. That book came to be known as Love Potion Me, Baby.

It was printed and then released again this year with a new cover, same content.
But still I love the sweet romances. Sometimes what is not said is as powerful as what is. I can’t be the only retro one out there who loves the sweet books. After all, Harlequin romances are still going strong with sheiks and virgin brides. So I decided to dig out the original version of my love potion tale and put it out for readers to enjoy.
Readers like my baby sister who doesn’t want to read “all that” but loves a good book. Readers like my twelve year old self lugging home large bags of books to share with my grandmother.

Lovepotion3So here it is Love Potion and Other Travesties. A sensual, yet sweet tale about a misunderstood billionaire playboy and an average, unemployed dreamer. Oh, and a cup of blue shampoo.

Love Potion and Other Travesties
A sweet contemporary romance by Amie Louellen

Suzanne Rose never intended for Brice Van Sant to drink a cup of her homemade herbal shampoo. And she certainly didn’t expect an impromptu marriage proposal from the hunky CEO.

After an incredible wedding night, Brice wakes unable to remember his bride’s name or why he proposed.

Too late they realize the bright blue shampoo is responsible. Almost like…a love potion!

Brice doesn’t believe in love. But as chief executive of the area’s largest pharmaceutical company, he needs that formula. He strong-arms Suzanne into reproducing it for him, demanding that she pretend they are happily married until it’s recovered.

As Suzanne struggles to remember the shampoo’s ingredients and forget their perfect wedding night, she finds herself falling for her husband. Can she convince Brice that love is a chance worth taking before she loses her heart to him forever?

Looking for a sexy read? Try Love Potion Me, Baby, the spicy version on this quirky fairytale.

Amie Louellen is the contemporary pen name for author Amy Lillard. Amie Louellen has published seven romances, with number eight slotted for September 2014.

Born and bred in Mississippi, Amie is a transplanted Southern Belle who now lives in Oklahoma with her deputy husband, their genius son, two spoiled cats, and one very lazy beagle.

Amie is a member of RWA and an award winning author. You can reach her at or visit her on the web: * FACEBOOK * TWITTER *

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