All Hail Bridget Jones! and WIN!

bridget boys

So, mostly people have been talking about their heroes, and although I love a sexy hero (especially one who can DO things with his hands) as much as the next gal, I decided I’d talk about my all-time favourite heroine! She’s actually the girl that played a big role in influencing my early writing, which was very much wannabee chick-lit.

No… it isn’t Elizabeth Bennett (although pretty damn close) or Scarlet O’Hara, not Stephanie Plum or Kristy from The Baby-sitter’s Club (hey, I was a BIG fan). Let’s drumroll for…

BRIDGET JONES (the fantabulous brain child of the talented Helen Fielding).


I picked up a copy of this book on a return flight from London in my late teens or early twenties. I was already dabbling in writing, after a broken heart (long story, in plenty of other places on the web), but wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write. I read Bridget Jones and felt immediately jealous that I hadn’t written this awesome book.Β It had the kind of heroine we can all relate too – someone working hard in their career who also wants someone to love them just as they are. Someone who is easily sympathetic by all the embarrassing situations she (and her family) get her into. I think all of us at some stage have had a mammoth crush on someone who barely looks twice at us – just another reason why Bridget is easy to love and empathise with.

She’s also a sassy, witty and clever heroine as is obvious in her oodles of diary entries. Oh and she’s failing in her effort to lose those extra kilos, to give up smoking, etc but she’s still gorgeous and someone everyone wants to be friends with.

This book also has a love triangle (classic romance trope) and two quite sexy heroes (even though ONE is more sexy than the other)!

bridget boys

Y’all must know the similarities between Bridget Jones and Jane Austin’s Pride & Prejudice, although Elizabeth Bennet embarrasses herself a little less than Bridget, she’s also one of my favourite romance heroines. She is loyal, has values and in the end she gets the guy of her dreams (and let’s face it, everyone else’s)!

You can imagine my excitement when earlier this year, I heard that Helen Fielding has penned a third instalment of the fabulous Bridget!! Apparently this book takes Bridget into the era of Twitter (yippy – wonder if it’ll be Tweets instead of diary entries) and Internet Dating (oh my… I can just imagine)! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy and am counting down the days till September when it arrives in my mail box!

mad about bridget

I’m curious who is YOUR favourite romance heroine – one you’ve read or one you’ve written! And/or what book are you DESPERATE to read? I’ll pre-order MAD ABOUT THE BOY (in print) for one lucky commenter!! Entries from anywhere in the world welcome :)

Competition closes Thurs 4th July and winner will be announced on my Twitter and FB feed on Friday 5th July.


All Hail Bridget Jones! and WIN! — 37 Comments

  1. You know what? I have NOTHING in common with Bridget. I was a SMUG MARRIED at 21, not a singleton. I could relate to Magda – hang on, take your hands out of that potty, take them out! – more than Bridget. But I loved her. I loved her story of trying to find love. And I loved her fascination with Colin Firth; the scene in the second book, when she interviews him, is one of the funniest I’ve read. So, do I want to read what happened to my fave singleton … yes, yes, yes!

    • Haha – I think almost everyone could probably relate to Bridget in some way. That’s why I love her so much. But yes, Magda was pretty cool too. I hope we get to see her again too. Good luck in the contest :)

  2. I’ve read way too many books to have a favourite heroine to be honest :)I fall in love with each one as I’m reading lol (well most anyway!)
    I think we can all relate in some form to Bridget though πŸ˜›

  3. I love Bridget Jones for all the reasons you listed above, Rachael. I like my heroines sweet and funny with a bit of self-deprecating humor. I’m also a fan of chick lit and so my writing usually reveals hints of my love of the genre. Jane Green runs a close second to Jane Austen as one of my favorite authors. I love that her characters aren’t perfect and that they are sassy and opinionated. Okay, now I want to read a Jane Green book. :-)

  4. Ahhh Bridget! I could relate to her on so many levels! Stupid grannie knickers!!
    I have to say though, my favourite heroine is Queenie Hanlon from Di Morrisey’s “The Heart of the dreaming” and “Follow the morning star”. To go through so much at a young age but never to give up on her passion, that take true courage!
    Now, on saying that, I have an insane urge to read Bridget Jones Diary..again πŸ˜€

    • Ooh I’ve loved all the Di Morrisey books I’ve read but haven’t read those two. Will have to add them to my list. Thanks. And I hear ya on reading Bridget Jones Diary again. I’ll be doing that ASAP!

  5. Seen the movie. Loved it. I have not read the books. I don’t think I have a favorite heroine. I read so many books I usually like the one I’m currently reading about.

  6. I’m with you on the Bridget love, Rach and how amazing to have written the book that started a whole new genre? THAT’s incredible! I’ve been a fan of chick lit ever since and was very sad when I was writing it – becaus of Bridget! – that “chick lit is dead” was the catchphrase of every editor/publisher.I’m pleased to see that was never really the case!

    My real lightbulb moment about my writing and the type of writing and heros/heroines I wanted to write about though came from Jenny Crusie. I think Min from Bet Me is my fav but then, she has so many great feamel characters. And then JC opened the door for me for SEP, Evanovich, Rachael Gibson etc

  7. It’s fun to see characters get into real trouble, and the brilliant Helen Fielding makes us squirm and suffer along with Bridge. Bunny outfits, blue food, and getting caught with the wrong man made me read from between my spread fingers.,

    • Oh the bunny outfit was something else! Do you know I went to a party in my early twenties dressed as Bridget Jones! I wore the bunny outfit. Must see if I can dig up a picture :)

  8. I love the sass of Bridget Jones. It would be a toss up, but I do think that Elizabeth Bennet might just win out for me.

  9. I was a Bridget in life always thinking I would find my man, and then when I did he wasn’t the right one.! Really in life I would like to be like Mary Poppins . Pop in and out of where I want to be

  10. I don’t have a favorite heroine. I love Bridget Jones for making me laugh at how things always snowball out of her control and I see a little bit of myself in her in regards to that. However, if I love a book, it’s not just because I’m drooling after the guy(s) in a book, but also because I can relate and see myself in the heroine.

  11. Hard to choose a favourite heroine. It would probably be between Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson or Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan. There’s a new Kate book out at the end of July, Magic Rises. And a new Mercy book out next year. Both highly anticipated. And the new Bridget Jones of course. :)


  12. Oh man, it’s tough to narrow down a favorite heroine! Of course, Bridget is up there – who could not love her? I’d say my latest favorite though, is Sira Quiroga from The Seamstress. She finds the strength to start a new life from scratch every time someone tries to (or does) destroy hers. She’s smart, passionate, and refuses to let others keep her down for long. It’s an awesome book and is definitely in my all-time top five pile.

  13. I too adore Bridget, Elizabeth and Stephanie. Most of us can relate to some part of these girls lives! I would love Elizabeth’s wardrobe over the others though!

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