All Good Things…

As they say, all good things must come to an end. And so it is with Contemporary Romance Café. We are shutting down the old Café at the end of this month and going our separate ways. I’ve very much enjoyed my time here, and I’ve especially enjoyed meeting my fellow bloggers, if only by email and Internet. Our posts will remain in place for readers to check out any time they’d like.



In the coming months, I’m going to be busy with various projects. As we speak, I’m working on a three book series I’m calling Love in the North Woods. The three Lindquist sisters grew up with the heart-breaking knowledge that their father murdered their mother. When they inherit the fishing lodge in north central Minnesota where they were raised by their grandparents, Harper, the oldest sister, looks for a way to bring the old place back to life, even though her sisters Scarlet and Maggie would rather sell and move on. An investor comes on board and the lodge is transformed. As the lodge comes back to life, love blossoms for each sister, and long hidden family secrets come to light. They discover that everything they previously believed about their family and themselves may be fabrications and half-truths.

I’ve also written a book and a half in another series set in a small town in North Dakota. My Bentonville series centers around the people who work at a veterinary clinic in the town. I’m planning to pitch both these series in October when I attend the Surrey International Writers Conference in Surrey, British Columbia. There’s going to be a great bunch of writers, agents and editors in attendance and I’m really looking forward to it.

Even though the Café has closed, you’ll still be able to easily find me. I’ll be hanging out at my blog, Journeys with Jana, and I can always be found at my website,  and at the following places:



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To my fellow authors, I extend an invitation to blog with me. Check out my guest blogging guidelines at Journeys with Jana and contact me at jana dot richards @ Hotmail dot com. Readers, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter at I offer special contests and gifts to subscribers along with exclusive excerpts, contest news, and news about new releases and sales. I hope you’ll stay in touch!


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  1. Jana, your series sounds so exciting. I can’t wait to gobble that one up. I’ll definitely be staying in touch and following your career. Thank you for being such a great blogmate.

  2. So excited for the good things happening with you, Jana! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you over the years! Best of luck to you!

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