A Snippet of Conversation

I’ve had many people ask what inspired my Wicked Play series. The funny thing is, the idea that sparked the entire series wasn’t about BDSM or sex even. It was a discussion about relationships and marriage.

It was during a conversation with my three critique partners that one of them said she didn’t understand how people who were married for over twenty years could get a divorce. I instantly replied with, “I do!” Not because I’ve been through it or was even tumbling towards that end, but the why was so clear to me.

It’s been twenty-three years since the first date with my husband. Seventeen years since we started living together and going on thirteen years of marriage that has survived a dog, three cats, two kids and a miscarriage. We’ve battle all the standard struggles of finances, jobs, moves and family that most couples face. There have been great times tempered by ones that completely sucked and with each year, new activity, event and curveball life throws at us, it becomes harder to keep alive the love that brought us together.

Maintaining a relationship is hard work and they can dissolve without the big blowup or dramatic ending. Sometimes, they just fizzle out from lack of attention. So what happens when the only thing holding a marriage together is the children and those kids are now out of the house?

BondsofTrustbyLyndaAicherThat was the question Cali faced and it was her story in Bonds of Trust that started the Wicked Play series. Kendra and Deklan’s story in Bonds of Need sprouted during the writing of that first book when Jake, the sexy owner of a BDSM club, found his way into Cali’s life and he happened to have two business partners that needed HEA’s of their own.

Allie and Seth’s story was much harder to grasp and it wasn’t until Tyler crashed into their lives that I finally understood why. Bonds of Desire is truly a book inspired by the characters alone. They drove the whole story and dragged me along sometimes kicking and screaming until I got it right.

From there, each story has grown from what the character’s need. They give me the inspiration that slowly unwinds until the book is finished. It’s the drive to tell each story with all of the emotion and challenges that real life contains that keeps the motivation going. And of course, snippets and flashes of ideas appear in many different places as I write. Sometimes it’s a song or a picture or a book I’m reading. The real trick is snagging onto that inspiration before it floats away.

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A Snippet of Conversation — 13 Comments

    • Thanks, Kelsey. I hope you enjoy it. I’m working on book 5 right now and this one is practically flying off the pages. The characters are so real it’s like they’re standing behind me telling me what to write. I know that sounds crazy to anyone who isn’t an author, but it’s very real for those of us who are.

  1. Lynda, thank you for sharing with us how the Wicked Play series developed. As a reader I’m always fascinated by where authors get the ideas for their stories. As a writer, it helps me to think of new ways to expand the ideas, situations, and overheard conversations that I’d like to develop further, but sometimes am not sure of exactly how I want to go about it.

    And as for the conversation that sparked this series…Being married for 24 years, I completely get where you’re coming from. 😉

    • Falling in Love is exactly that – the rush that comes with the descent of the fall. But maintaining that love as it expands, changes, warps and grows is so much harder and a lot less exciting.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I remember wondering, not about 20-year marriages, but about 40-year ones–how could people even think of divorce? Now that I’m there–and no, I’m not divorced, nor do I want to be–I wonder how people can get this far and NOT have thought of it. :-)

    • One of the best responses I ever heard and still remember was from When Harry Met Sally. When they’re interviewing the couples who’ve been married for over fifty years and when asked how they’re still together, one man replied, “We never fell out of love at the same time.”

  3. As someone who has just celebrated her 35th anniversary with her husband (I was a child bride), I can certainly relate. There are times I want to throttle my DH, mostly because he’s so messy! But then something will happen to remind me why I love him so much and why I married him in the first place. Last fall while I was walking my dog I was attacked by another dog. It was not pretty. My husband looked after me, and more importantly, he was there for me, a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

  4. Great post and so true. I’ve known my husband for over thirty years married for seventeen years. No children just dogs and cats. After a while its hard to always be on the same page in our relationship. So far we haven’t wanted a divorce at the same time. Lol

    • That’s the trick, right? Staying together is sometimes nothing more than staying balanced. You might not be on the same page, but as long as you’re not on the wrong page, it’s okay.

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