A new year… Thank God!

Since my turn to blog on Contemporary Romance Cafe is the first Friday of the month, I get to kick off our 2016 posts! And I want to do that by saying…screw you 2015!

I know that sounds a bit harsh, but geesh. For a while there, I thought things had to get better. My mother passed away in September of 2014, and it was a very emotional experience. So surely the new year would bring better things. Then in December, my husband Jeff nearly died when his colon perforated and made him go septic. I almost lost him, too. Thank God for the great doctors and nurses at St. Francis Hospital. Their excellent care helped him through. A few days later, we found out the perforation was caused by cancer.

Jeff spent more than month in the hospital, and right before I brought him home that January I received another blow. My father passed away.

2015 became the yestuartar I learned a hell of a lot more about cancer and chemotherapy than I’d ever wanted to. As Jeff recovered from the sepsis, I armed myself for battle by doing what teachers do best. I educated myself. By the time the oncologist came to discuss treatment, I was ready. Or at least I thought I was. Once chemo started, my education advanced. I learned about side effects and neutropenia and anemia. My poor Jeff went through twelve chemo infusions over thirty weeks, and three of them put him back in the hospital. My writing came to a screeching halt, but I honestly didn’t care. Priorities, after all.

Once chemo was over, Jeff faced another major surgery to remove what we’d hoped was the last cancerous growth. He did great through the surgery despite how rough it was, and every day I was happy to see him grow stronger and regain all the weight he’d lost. There was only one big hurdle left. In December, we had a PET scan to see if the surgery had left him cancer free.

Unfortunately, we got bad news. There were two “hot spots” on the scan. Jeff now faces six months of chemo to try to stop those growths from spreading.

So, I bid 2015 adieu with my middle finger extended in that year’s general direction.

do thisBring on 2016 and I pray it offers my husband a chance to kick cancer’s ass to the curb. I’ll be there for him no matter what comes our way, but I hope we’ve hit rock bottom and are on our way to getting our lives back. I’m writing again! I might not be the Energizer Bunny I used to be, but hey… I’m reclaiming my life!

I thank all of you for the love, support, and prayers you’ve sent our way, and I hope each and every one of you has a blessed 2016 full of health, family, friends, and love!









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