5 Contemporary Romance Authors I Love

Let me start by saying I have a fangirl crush on WAY more than five contemporary romance authors, so watch for future posts from me on this same topic.  And it’s crazy-hard for me to narrow it down to just five this first time. But sacrifices must be made, people…

HowToMisbehaveSmallerRuthie Knox – I love Ruthie’s work because she writes snappy dialogue, fun characters and smokin’ love scenes. One of her novellas, How to Misbehave, was the first story of hers I read. And believe me, I consumed it in an hour or two. I was heartbroken when it ended and wanted to start it all over as a new reader. But the joy of finding a new go-to contemporary romance author? I was ecstatic!

smallsultry1-181x300Macy Beckett – Of course, I have a weakness for well-written Texas-set contemporary romances that aren’t chock-full of cowboys (now, don’t throw anything – I love cowboys too. But Texas is more than just cowboys.) When I read Macy’s first Sultry Springs book, Sultry with a Twist, I wanted to dance a little jig (yeah, I may have actually done so in the privacy of my own home). An author who really understood “regular Texas!” Well, I immediately shot Macy an email telling her how brilliant I thought she was. Interesting fact: Macy isn’t a native Texan, but lived there for several years since she’s a military brat.

KnowingTheScore_300px_finalKat Latham – Kat’s debut book, Knowing the Score, blew me away. I knew absolutely nothing about rugby but was enamored with the sport by that time I finished her book. She built a fabulous backstory for her heroine that motivated everything she did. Can’t wait for more from Kat!



Tamara Morgan – My first Tamara Morgan book was The Rebound Girl. When she mention Jarlsberg cheese and I snorted aloud, I was hooked. Tamara also writes some hot love scenes, and her smart-mouthed, quirky characters are the kind I live for as a reader.



Jamie Farrell – Jamie recently released Southern Fried Blues. And c’mon, people, how can you resist a title like that? Jamie is my long-time critique partner and for good reason. She’s crazy-talented. She writes quirky characters and settings. And her humor? Out of this world. In Southern Fried Blues, her hero is a redneck rocket scientist. If that doesn’t hook you right there, well, I’ve got no help for you. Also watch for the Misfit Brides of Bliss coming from Jamie within the next year.

Have you read any of the authors I love? If so, let me know what you think of them in the comments! Also mention your other faves!

NOTE: The book links in this post are my Amazon affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I will get filthy rich make a pittance.


5 Contemporary Romance Authors I Love — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Kelsey – Yes! I have read Ruthie Knox and Jamie Farrell and I have Macy’s books on my Nook waiting to be read! The other books look great as well. I read the How to Misbehave and then Making it Last by Ruthie Knox. I love how Ruthie made a novella that caught up with the same characters years later. Jamie’s book was fun and so entertaining. I actually interviewed Jackson and Anna from Southern Fried Blues, too. Great choices!

    • Thanks, Amy! I have a couple of Ruthie’s that I’ve been hoarding and will likely read over the holidays for a treat.

      And yay for Jackson and Anna – they’re one of my fave couples of all time!


  2. Hi Kelsey!
    I love Ruthie Knox’s books. Another big time favorite contemporary romance author is Jill Shalvis! I love her books! I haven’t read Jamie Farrell yet but she’s crazy funny on Facebook and Twitter. Will definitely be checking her out soon!

    • Wendy –

      Yes, Jill is one of my favorites as well. I have to admit I like the contemporary romances with laugh-out-loud moments the most. Jill always delivers on that.

      Thanks for popping in!

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